Apple’s iPhone continues reign as ‘dominant device brand’ among American teens

“Teens in the United States still love the iPhone, with a whopping 82% of teens in a recent study saying that they own one of Apple’s phones,” Kif Leswing reports for Business Insider.

“But the study shows that Apple might even have more room to grow among American teens. 86% of teens surveyed said they think their next phone will be an iPhone,” Leswing reports. “Only 10% of teens surveyed said they planned to buy an Android phone next. And that was down from 11% in the spring, according to Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual teens survey.”

Leswing reports, “Apple has been dominant among teens for the past five years but Piper Jaffray says that the proportion of teens who intend to purchase a new iPhone is the highest it has ever seen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why would anyone want a slow, green-bubbled, insecure, privacy-invading fake iPhone, when you can have a fast, blue-bubbled, secure, privacy-protecting real iPhone instead?

Only old ignorati handicap themselves with Google tracking devices.

So, wonderful what happens to Apple’s smartphone share as these teens grow up, become adults, and have families?

In one of our local high schools, out of roughly 300 students who are known to have a cellphone, three (3!) are known to not have an iPhone (two Androids of unknown make (that the kids hate and keep well-hidden) and one flip phone to be used only for emergency calls). All of the rest have iPhones. Quote from a student: “It’s really bad to be green in Messages.”MacDailyNews, April 11, 2018

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      1. Not according to Tim Cook on went on a Charm offensive to India a few years ago and hoped India would be the 2nd coming for Apple. Now he has gone all quiet. When people like me said India is a market NOT worth pursuing because they are cheap andrioders, some Pro Indians in this site got defensive. I see these Pro Indians are very silent now. What a waste India is for Apple, this is a market ideal for Android

        1. Pardon me, Snoop Dogg, but assuming that you are correct simply because others do not take the time to refute your assertions is foolish. Very foolish, indeed. I could establish a political analogy, but I will refrain.

          Why are you so worked up about Apple attempting to establish a market in India? If it eventually pays off, then great. If it does not, then how much time and resources will Apple have wasted in the attempt?

          I am glad that you are not running Apple. You certainty that you know what is right would only work up to the point that you were wrong – very possibly wrong in a spectacular way.

  1. It won’t be their favorite much longer now that it has screen time controls. I love that new feature however my kids hate that I can track and limit their app usage.

    1. Perhaps that is why the right wing trolls on mdn whine endlessly about Apple politics real and imaginary. ‘Cause iOS is the babysitter for the next generation of undereducated brats and there’s nothing they can do about it. All of the top selling apps are games and time wasters, so when the crusty xenophobic old white men die off, tech industry money will dominate politics. Who do the people trust? Apple funded representatives of course. Cook will never sell your personal data, wink wink. But he’s happy to use it politically just like goolge and fuckerbergbook.

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