Running a Mac from an iPad or iPhone with Remote Control for Mac

“Evgeny Cherpak’s iOS app, Remote Control for Mac, has been updated with Siri shortcut support, which opens up some interesting ways to control a Mac with shortcuts,” John Voorhees writes for MacStories.

“Remote works via a companion menu bar app that you install on your Mac, which allows your iOS device to send system events and other actions to your Mac while both are on the same network,” Voorhees writes. “Once the menu bar app is installed and running, everything else happens in Remote’s iOS app, which is divided into five tabs: Media, Input, Apps, Menu, and System.”

“The Input section allows you to use the surface of your iOS device like a trackpad and keyboard, complete with buttons to replicate clicks. Along the top of the view is an option to mirror your Mac’s screen on your iOS device, which is handy if you’re using the keyboard to enter text on your Mac, for example,” Voorhees writes. “Using Remote’s new Siri shortcuts as actions, I’ve created custom shortcuts that include Siri commands to start and end my workday. In the morning I say ‘Hey Siri, start workday,’ and the lights come on and my Mac wakes up. In the evening, I do the opposite, telling Siri ‘I’m finished working,’ which turns off the lights and my Mac’s display.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Remote Control for Mac costs $9.99, a one-time fee, which is quite a value for an app that allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for your Mac. There’s even an Apple Watch component for play/pause, skip, etc.

For those who use a Mac as a media center, this app is indispensible!


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