Apple supplier Foxconn reports 30% growth in September revenue

“Apple supplier Foxconn/Hon Hai reports a 30% revenue jump in September to about $18.8B, its second best monthly result in history,” Brandy Betz reports for Seeking Alpha.

“Officials say the ‘three biggest product lines in terms of month-on-month and annual increase comes in this order: consumer, computing, and communications,'” Betz reports.

“The results bode well for Apple,” Beta reports, “which recently launched three new iPhone models.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Foxconn’s results certainly do bode well for Apple, which is currently selling at clearance prices (vs. their usual sale prices) – a situation of which, we expect, Apple’s buyback team is willing to take full advantage.


      1. I don’t think there has ever been so many Dow records for one president in less than two years in history. I think it can handle profit taking market manipulation right before an elelection. You’re right about flying the banner, that will take eight years or more …

  1. Goeb: you blindly parrot the narrative that right wing media feeds you. The corporate tax gift has pumped up stock prices but the working class can’t afford to buy American made goods. At some point you need to start working on behalf of the working class, instead of the hoarders at the top. Long term health of the economy is at huge risk because corporate wealth has been pumped up in the short term by adding massive federal debt. When your president balances the budget and raises the minimum wage to self adjust for future inflation, then we can agree about greatness. Right now all that has happened is that corporate leaders and their republican puppets have greatly fleeced the working class. The Dow Jones is not the economy.

    1. It’s easier for large numbers of people to believe a cleverly articulated story than it is to expect them to come up with their own explanation for why their lifes have turned to shit.

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