Netflix has no idea what Apple is doing with $1 billion worth of shows

“Netflix is pretty well versed in the art of burning through money to make internet TV,” Joan E. Solsman reports for CNET. “But like just about everyone else, the streaming service has no clue what Apple is doing with $1 billion of television programming.”

“‘I don’t have any idea what that Apple product is going to be,’ Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said Tuesday. ‘I don’t think anybody does. I don’t think people making shows for them have any idea,'” Solsman reports. “Sarandos, who was speaking at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in Los Angeles, added that Netflix doesn’t ‘put much focus on any competitor.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like Research in Motion.

“So far Apple has nabbed big-name programming deals with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, M. Night Shyamalan and Steven Spielberg, among others,” Solsman reports. “But with the exception of some vague hints from CEO Tim Cook, Apple has been silent about how people will ever watch any of its shows.”

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MacDailyNews Take: TV app?


  1. Certainly no one knows except Apple. Not even sure of that anymore. But hopefully it will all come together and benefit everyone. My only wish is for Apple to park it’s liberal leanings long enough to include DIVERSITY programming from moderate and conservative choices as well. Think Different Apple. The entertainment industry is already way over saturated with leftist programming. Look at the runaway success of Fox News numbers, the debut return of Roseanne and Last Man Standing. If Apple is yet another all left programming choice, I’ll gladly pass. Not going to pay extra for nothing new and all the choices already out there…

        1. You are full of shit kent. Your compass is so broken you don’t even understand the difference between politics and economics. Ergo, you troll on the internet praising the dictatoral actions of a NY thug who never did anything conservative in his life before 2015, an orange hero who has nothing but admiration for strong dictators around the world and who constantly whips up fear to garner political support for a military and police largesse that nobody could afford even if the United States hadn’t already racked up trillions in debt, PRIMARILY UNDER REPUBLICAN CONGRESSES.

          Your country isn’t under any threat by Che or Marx. It is rapidly careening toward one party rule and civil war because of right wing powers (Putin, Mercer, Murdoch, Koch) muddling the mushy minds of undereducated paranoid self-absorbed brats who are too lazy to work tough jobs and are pissed off that this isn’t 1918 when business of raping and pillaging natural resources without any regard to health or ecology was enormously profitable. Get a life.

        2. Kent, it is ironic that your party loves socialism when it comes to military, agriculture, corporate benefits, eminent domain, ecology, and so forth. You only seem to hate socialism when it hits your already overstuffed bank account or aids a person less rich than you are.

          Jesus was a flaming liberal. The republican party, which hasn’t acted with Chrisian values in decades, can’t square its greed and power hungry actions against anything Jesus taught. Think on that a while before preaching your disgusting selfish sermons.

    1. I expected no less than the political persecution complex from GoeBlow. I honestly don’t classify general TV shows with political labels. Sure, news and talk shows have political bents. But I fail to understand your OCD complex with politics and EVERYTHING else. Everything. There is nothing that you cannot twist to the political. And, somehow, your politics is always right and always persecuted. Honestly, I am just sick of it.

      For my entire life I have been largely party agnostic. I voted for the candidates that I believed offered the best understanding of the issues and reasonable plans for working forward to improve things that needed improvement. GoeBlow and people like him may dispute this, but they will do so out of ignorance simply because it does not fit their narrative.

      For the first time in my life, I am sorely tempted to vote party line against the perversion of the Republican Party that has taken power in this country. For the very first time in 35 years of voting history almost anyone seems better than the POTUS and Congresspeople who are currently in office. You and your cronies should fear that transition, GoeBlow, because the rest of us have had it with your party’s railroading and extremism. You should fear it because you have set the precedent of complete majority rule in the Senate. Once sanity regains power in D.C., I believe that the only alternative will be to use all of the tools that the GOP has developed to clean up the GOP mess – the cesspool that recently replaced the swamp. You are the sources of your own eventual and devastating defeat. The downside is that it may take a decade to correct all of the damage across the world that your party has caused in the last two years.

      Enjoy your pyrrhic victory. It was the last gasp of a flailing, reactionary party. Demographics are not on your side.

      1. I understand why you see things this way, but honestly the media (news and entertainment) are ridiculously one sided. I mean I can’t watch an episode of “Supergirl” without being lectured to about how important it is to help all of the space refugees that have come to earth seeking asylum, or a face full of misandrist propaganda where weak men are portrayed as more attractive.

        Each time I try to enjoy Sherlock, (pretending that I don’t notice Watson is a woman and all but smarter than Sherlock, ) I am reminded by the program that capitalism is evil and all money is evil by the bad guy who always turns out to be some an example of corporate greed including Sherlock’s all my father.

        Not to mention programs like the extremely well done “The Good Fight” that spends about 40% of a season bashing Trump and Republicans. CBS even recently grabbed a shovel and dug up Murphy Brown to add to their Trump bashing repertoire.

        I just want to grab a beet salad and watch Supergirl beat up bad guys and feel like a child again without her winking at the screen and saying “Glad I voted for… HER.”

        Did you know that once upon a time, a long time ago I used to be able to enjoy the Academy Awards along with all the liberals? Now it might as well be called the fuck all conservatives, liberal propaganda awards. It’s made very clear that if my priorities include freedom, individuialsm, small government, and the rule of law, over infinite genders in infinite combinations, then I can just take my racist ass over to iTunes and download The Jackie Gleason Show.

        Even if it were to be done well, I do not expect or want right wing content from movies and television. I just like a moment or 2 of pure entertainment. I know however that I can expect never ending leftist content, so I spend my screen time on Youtube watching a wide variety of content, or [GASP!] reading.

        And as GoeB indicates, there is every reason to expect that content approved by Apple will carry the party line with Pride.

      2. I suspect that your rant is more about what side GoeB takes in politics than it is that he is passionate about politics. Your diatribe just now proves it. I also suspect that I can guess the news and commentary programs you watch, proving GoeB’s point. He makes a simple factual statement that echos what many of us feel, and you launch a personal attack on him.

        1. All that leftists have is vicious attacks. Check out the Youtubes of the Antifa statesmen doing yeoman’s work in Portland convincing every Republican and Independent to vote Republican in November or the goons will forever be allowed to destroy cars and attack innocent commuters as Democrat pols sit by and root them on.

    2. I have a problem with any company tying content to device.
      All Blu-Ray Players play all Blu-Ray disks. With computers it’s even more versatile to handle digital media. Any restrictions are artificial and censoring.

  2. The difference with RIM is that you either have one phone or you have another. With TV people will have access to multiple sources of content. Of course, it’s getting to the point where people are going to have to make choices and potentially miss out on stuff due to the sheer volume of material and increased associated cost that goes with it. Netflix can only really concentrate on making their own shows good. It’s not as if they’re doing the equivalent of sticking to a keyboard.

  3. they will need fix the hardware before making people buy the software. what a crashy turd that little black box is.

    nice idea, poorly executed.

    we plugged our PC back in and use that instead.

    1. I would think Apple’s streaming service would run on devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch(?) and even MacOS devices using some sort of app or application the same way Netflix or Amazon Prime Video/Music does. I don’t think the streaming service would be confined to only running on AppleTV. I definitely think Apple’s streaming service would be perfect for iPad users.

  4. Why would Apple tell Netflix what it is going to do? Anyway, is $1B worth of content really a great amount? I thought Netflix spent much more than that on yearly content. The thing is, I really don’t understand why Netflix is valued so highly by Wall Street. I’d think they’d be barely breaking even in terms of profit. Netflix only has an EPS of 2.xx which isn’t all that high. That P/E of 150 or so seems unusually high. I can’t believe Netflix has such a large moat where no company is able to challenge it. It’s not as though subscribers are locked in for more than a month. Maybe it’s an addiction sort of moat that keeps Netflix’s value so high. I have Amazon Prime and Amazon’s video and music content is more than enough to satisfy me. I have no intention of ever getting Netflix and never took any of their free offers of introductory viewing.

    With Apple having streaming content, I would think Apple would using it to most drive and/or maintain hardware sales and that would definitely be great for Apple like icing on a cake. My only concern with Apple’s service is that it might only be some boring PG content which would really suck.

  5. When it happens I suspect it will be pretty close to what most people with half a brain (and an interest) might contemplate. The exact details are what we don’t know and I am pretty sure that those making the programming have a pretty good idea how the work that they are producing is going to be used, especially as most were not desperate to choose Apple but saw it as an opportunity. But then they usually have full brains to work with I guess. Netflix are just playing the party line i.e. ‘I know Nothing’ as Manuel from Fawlty Towers might say.

  6. Apple is burning money, following the paths of Sony and GE.

    As long as pipeline timmy thinks carpool karaoke is fun, though, that’s what Apple will do. Yawn. Too bad Apple can’t seem to keep up its hardware and software product lines.

  7. My Dear Rightwing Friends,
    I am sure that Apple will have no shows whose topics are about labor and how to remedy economic and income disparity. Even Pres. Lincoln championed labor over capital. Even now your wayward hero, Pres. Trump, is signing legislation to negate the National Labor Relations Act that enshrined labor justice in the workforce.

    All of the shows will be either Hilleristically Centrist or Koch Bors. corporatist, messianicaly consumeristic, or “support the troops” militaristic. So don’t fret that you will not get your fair and just share of Rightwingerdom.

    And if the shows are not conservative enough for you, simply pull out your iPad to stream conservative justice language and ideas espoused by Rush, Dennis, Mark, Laura, et ali who dominate the media sponsored by Rightwing Hollywood movers and shakers.

  8. I hope that people can include Apple in some way into their comments so as to reduce partisanship in often totally political comments. Think of it as a creative game: “Gee, how can I weave Apple stuff elegantly into my poke-in-your-eye commentary?”

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