When and what to expect from Apple’s October special event

“Once again, only Apple knows for sure when — or even if — it will hold an event this month, but it does seem very likely that Apple will want to capture the minds of consumers for two consecutive months,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider.

“What we all like when looking forward is hard evidence — and there is some. There’s strong reason to believe Apple will hold an event this month even though it didn’t last October. There’s also interesting historical evidence for when the event might be,” Gallagher writes. “Unless Apple just decides to email out a press release and be done with it, we say there’ll be an event on Thursday October 25.”

“Rumors suggest the new iPads will take on design elements from the iPhone X such as the drastically reduced bezel around the display screen,” Gallagher writes. “Although this is not as solidly backed up as the iPad rumors, Kuo does also claim that there will be a refreshed iMac… Apple’s other desktop, the Mac mini, is similarly rumored to be getting updated with a “professional” remake, but more attention from the mainstream consumer is being focused on Kuo’s claim that there will be new — and cheaper — MacBooks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We cannot see Apple announcing new X-class iPad Pros and an all-new 13-inch MacBook via press release, so, for now, October 25th is as good a guess as any!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. I have never used a single one. Then again, I rarely do selfies, too… I know kids who have documented themselves more thoroughly than any celebrity who’s ever lived. We live in strange, narcissistic times…

  1. Of course the PROFESSIONAL world is waiting for a new, modular, expandable, Mac Pro tower with the failed trash-can Mac being the only offering presently. What is wrong with Apple? Is there an internal fight slowing things down? Apple, by now, should KNOW how to make a modular, expandable Mac Pro for that market, unless of course there is a war inside Apple over lessening the impact of the 5K iMac.

    The professional world is waiting. Many are going to Windows PCs.

  2. Rumors of new iPad Pros supporting 4K external monitor + rumors of an updated “pro” Mac Mini (requiring an external monitor) + rumors of low stock on LG screens at apple.com. New Apple monitors coming? Might pave the way for a upmarket 8K screen to go with new Mac Pro coming in 2019.

  3. By the way – the poll on the right about if you are buying a new iphone .. notice the most are not buying a iPhone. that is a very telling data point.. i bet if they offered a 4″ model, the poll would look different… i would buy a 4″ model… but just like a TON of other decisions, Pipeline Tim has failed me.

  4. My hunch is we will see some kind of product announcement the week starting October 8 because a retailer for a brief period today had a product page up for the HomePod localized for a market where the HomePod currently has not been product announced.

    The page had professional localized product language, photos, links to information and the retail price in local currency + status available for ordering on the net, but not available in their stores.

    It probably means product are in the process of being moved into the channel, and the retailers don’t want to sit on inventory they cannot sell immediately.

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