iPhones and Apple Watches across the U.S. will buzz with first national ‘Presidential Level Alert’ test Wednesday at 2:18pm EDT

“On Wednesday at 2:18 p.m. EDT almost all the cell phones in the country will go off in the first nationwide test of a wireless emergency alert system,” Stephanie Ebbs reports for ABC News. “FEMA officials say they expect the alert to reach 75 percent of wireless-enabled devices, including cell phones and smartwatches. The alert will not interrupt a phone call or an active data session, though FEMA and the FTC are working to make sure the information reaches more people.”

“Despite being called a ‘Presidential Level Alert’ emergency messages sent through the system won’t be written by Donald Trump or any other president,” Ebbs reports. “Emergency messages are pre-written and approved by various government agencies in advance of any test or emergency.”

“The message Wednesday will read ‘Presidential Alert: This is a test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed,'” Ebbs reports. “About two minutes after the wireless emergency alert, the broadcast system will send a similar message through radio and television stations.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 2:18pm Eastern is etched into our brains as it’s exactly when the bell rang to release us from high school!

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      1. That’s funny. 😆

        You got me thinking about Ford falsehoods:

        The big one her best friend was at the party.

        She “never” (three times) advised anyone on polygraph tests. See bombshell sworn testimony from boyfriend.

        Her fear of flying to Washington. Accounts tell us she is a regular jet setter and flew to Washington, no problems.

        On to the I don’t know or remember segment. I have a good fly fishing friend who is an accomplished trial lawyer in NYC, now Philadelphia (got married). Never forget what he told me long ago, “no one ever went to jail for not remembering.”

        Knowing this despicable lawyers advise their clients to use this tactic strategically when the situation arises. If you paid attention during Ford’s testimony many times her lawyer stopped her, put his hand over the mic to advise. Every time her immediate answer was I don’t know for sure, can’t remember the details, blah, blah, blah.

        Lost count how many times this tactic was employed. Seems there were more I don’t knows than I do know.

        The highlights: I don’t know the the year, the date, the house, the location, the participants, how I got there or got home. But I do remember I had only one beer, one beer and Kavanaugh. Throws serious doubt on her believe ability.

        Bottom line: Ford has ZERO corroboration or proof of her accusations. Classic she said, he said.

        Guilty until proven innocent is NOT the way justice works in the U.S.A. …

      2. Sorry, GeoB, but that’s the way that memories of traumatic events work. There are seemingly minor things you never forget, and seemingly major things that never make it into long-term memory. If witnesses were required to have perfect recall of peripheral facts, no criminal would ever be convicted.

        Based on my 35-odd years of active experience with sexual assault and domestic violence cases, I find Dr. Blasey Ford entirely credible, while I thought Judge Kavenaugh was being evasive. That said, I agree that it would be unlikely to get a criminal conviction based just on her word against his.

        That’s why Senator Flake asked for an impartial investigation to see if there wasn’t any corroborating evidence out there somewhere. I fear that he won’t get what he asked for.

        As of Wednesday afternoon, the report—which will not be made public—is expected within hours. It appears that the FBI never interviewed two of the three accusers or any of the 20 potential witnesses that the third accuser listed. That isn’t an investigation. It is a whitewash.

        The judge isn’t on trial, so “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” is inapplicable. The burden isn’t on his accuser to demonstrate that he is an attempted rapist. It is HIS burden to convince the United States Senate that it should confirm him to lifetime tenure in one of the ten most important offices in our republic.

        1. Again, you do not disappoint and right on Q.

          Sorry USER, but as usual your post is 100% deflection.

          You have not addressed the three LIES she was caught in and the rest of I don’t remember lawyerly evasions she was coached on.

          The ONLY things she remembers 100% is one drink and Kavanaugh assaulted her. Give me a break.

          Of course you believe her. Like the rest of your fellow leftists emotions count more than facts and the only thing that matters is outcomes. Win at all costs.

          Bottom line: Ford has no credibility with the majority of the American people. Only the Democrats, metoo and the media. ALL polls show he should be confirmed. But we are not done yet.

          Things could change so will wait for the FBI report and outcome before I call for Ford to be investigated for lying under oath.

          I repeat: Guilty until proven innocent is NOT the way justice works in the U.S.A. …

          1. Lies?

            1. She remembers that her best friend was at the party (but did not know about the assault). The friend has not refuted her; she just does not remember the party. Not a contradiction. I doubt you remember every party you attended when you were 15, either, but I bet you would remember if you were sexually assaulted.

            2. She doesn’t like to fly, but does when she has to. How is that a contradiction?

            3. She allegedly once told a friend how to relax before taking a polygraph test. She has a doctorate in psychology, so that is neither a scandal nor the sort of thing that would stick in your memory. It certainly isn’t a material misrepresentation of anything relevant to an ultimate issue for the trier of fact. Hence, not perjury.

            I am rather more concerned with Judge Kavanaugh’s misrepresentations of his behavior in prep school and Yale as being more like the Boy Scout Manual than Animal House. Perhaps his behavior then is minimally relevant to his judicial temperament now… apart from the misrepresentations under oath and his treatment of women.

            1. “The friend has not refuted her; she just does not remember the party.”

              Not refuted? Oh, the I don’t remember tactic again. Sounds like she refuted it to me. If not, did she agree with her friend. Damaging.

              “She doesn’t like to fly, but does when she has to.”

              Whether she likes it or not she does it all the time. I don’t like to clean my toilet, but I do it all the time. Not an EXCUSE.

              “She allegedly once told a friend how to relax before taking a polygraph test.”

              Once? Did you read the boyfriend sworn affidavit? Does not matter, once is enough — SHE LIED!!! Three times during her testimony she said “NEVER.” Wiggle out of that one Ford apologist.

              “I am rather more concerned with Judge Kavanaugh’s misrepresentations of his behavior in prep school and Yale as being more like the Boy Scout Manual than Animal House.”

              Like none of us ever misbehaved in a fraternity or parties in our youth. Are you serious? It is a rite of passage for everyone at that age. No charges were filed. Give us a break …

            2. Joe Scarborough is slamming the media’s “biased “coverage of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

              “The media coverage of this has been so one-sided,” he said. “It’s been so biased. There’s been a presumption from the very beginning that every single allegation made against the judge was true.”

              “He compared the press reports on Kavanaugh to media coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.

              “This is what happened during the run-up to the [Donald] Trump election,” he said. “Not even considered the possibility that Donald Trump might win. So, they were shocked by it’

              Scarborough made his comments on his MSNBC show, “Morning Joe” on Wednesday …

            1. Precisely how it works in America is a coordinated smear campaign last minute after he was sailing through the confirmation process. Despicable Desperate Democrats and the willing accomplices in the media are to blame. This yet another Anita Hill redux and has ZERO FACTS and EVIDENCE to deny this man!!!..,

          1. You noticed!

            Yesterday morning my post was at 7 four-star votes. A few hours later it was at 60 two-star votes. Shift from positive to negative.

            The post below it by “Take a joke” was at 8 two-star votes. Now it is at 35 five-star votes. Amazing shift from negative to overwhelming positive. That’s the tip-off and the sleazy culprit.

            Botty and I noticed and have posted in the past making a post at 9 a.m. and within 15-20 minutes had over a hundred FAKE down votes many times over.

            The culprit here is banned from MDN and lives in California. The pathetic part is his wasted energy means absolutely NOTHING and he is too STUPID to know it.

            Thanks for the props, but you’re responding to an idiot that cannot reason logically and fairly. The only thing he thrives on and takes sick pleasure in is mocking and denigrating anyone not a liberal. Hence, he could not respond to your spot on logic with words, only fake down votes…

    1. I myself am looking forward to a personal message from the president. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen every day.

      Partisan shenanigans aside, I was recently privileged to attend a US citizenship swearing-in ceremony. There were more than 800 new citizens present at the ceremony, and twice that many onlookers. As it happened, a majority of the new citizens hailed from Mexico and the Phillipines. Whatever, there was a recorded videotape of the president welcoming them. His message was inclusive. Ours is a great country, with freedom and opportunity. Follow the rules, and you become one of us.

        1. If there is a formula for getting along with my fellow Americans, it is to ignore (as much as possible) the hysterical news coverage and especially the righteous opinionating. All that media coverage and its spillover into social media is fanning the flames of a conflagration that doesn’t need to happen. If I were Jack Dorsey, I’d shut down Twitter. Doing that would only improve the presidential image whilst quieting the chronic anxiety his spontaneous tweets visit upon his supporters and detractors alike. There exist a host of other, non-razor-edged communications platforms.. for one, a return to the deliberated presidential press conference would be a welcome restoration of civility in the national conversation.

          I get why he says things, it’s because he loves the love, and who doesn’t? Trump is so needy for affection he wears it on his sleeve and is completely open about it. I think about the Mills Brothers song “You Always Hurt the One You Love.” When I see a bum (we now call ’em homeless persons) stumbling down the street mumbling to himself I try not to think of Trump. The bum’s monologue, his words, offend because they ought to be private, not public. I feel embarassed for the poor man, and slightly sorry that he’s had such a rough go of it.. not so sorry that I’d make a donation, but I’d hand him a card with a biblical verse on it.

      1. Herself, wonderful heartfelt story of the REAL AMERICA we don’t see in the daily media. It was reality, not contrived out of Hollywood, and as down to earth and honest as you can ever get. Your account made me feel good. 🙂

        Unfortunately, denizens who live in blue big cities never see this portrait of the heartland and don’t understand it for good reason. The media and Hollywood wrongly paint a negative, racist, deplorable image of anyone not living on the coasts for decades.

        You and I know better … 👍🏻

    1. “got a useless message”

      Well Trump detractor you totally missed the point. It was the FIRST test of a new and innovative national security alert system. What’s your problem with that?…

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