iPhone Xs reviews spotlight why Apple had to drop the iPhone X

“Last year’s iPhone X arguably represented the biggest design change ever seen in the evolution of Apple’s smartphone,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac.

“Apple said that the iPhone X was the future of the iPhone, and it’s clear that Apple would like everyone to jump aboard that new vision,” Lovejoy writes. “It of course has to leave older models on sale to hit a good range of price points, but the iPhone XR makes it clear that the company wants to make the new form factor available to as many customers as possible.”

“There was one other step it could, in theory, have taken: keep the iPhone X on sale when it launched the iPhone XS. If it had bumped the price of that down by $100, it would have presented customers with another way to buy into the new desig,” Lovejoy writes. “But today’s reviews make it crystal clear why that wasn’t an option. They all agree that, for the vast majority of iPhone X buyers, there’s simply no point in upgrading to the XS. And that also would have meant that, had the iPhone X remained on sale alongside the XS, there would have been almost no reason for owners of older models to even consider this year’s flagship unless they wanted the Max.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Even for nearly yearlong owners of iPhone X such as ourselves, iPhone XS is a tough sell – especially since we found iPhone X’s 5.8-inch display a bit too small (narrow) for our liking. If Apple kept iPhone X, there would be too little differentiation between it and the Xs for non-iPhone X owners looking to upgrade, save for the not unimportant Gigabit-class LTE with 4×4 MIMO and Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) and noticeably superior cameras (thanks mainly to Apple’s custom ISP and A12 Neural Engine).


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  2. IMO, the only reason to upgrade from the X, would be to the Xs Max for more screen real estate. Or if you want another family member to have your X, maybe that, otherwise, most of the new features are barely worth upgrading, unless you’ve got $$$ burning a hole in your pocket.

  3. Yep – that me. I have purchased every new iPhone, every year. My wife was shocked when I passed this year. Just wasn’t enough to justify the expense, but Apple got my money anyway as I HAD to have that new Apple Watch. So I got Watch4 and am waiting on new AirPods with better battery and in colors (in the name of Jobs Yes PLEASE) soon. Maybe even a new iPad if its thinner and lighter.

  4. You mean people aren’t running to replace their perfectly good 9-month-old $1000 pocket computers for brand new, nearly identical $1,500 pocket computers?

    Must be a recession on!

  5. One other consideration, the key feature of the X phones is the screen. There are not a lot of suppliers that can manufacture them. The Xs and Max are more expensive, so every X sold would be lost revenue.

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