Apple special event possible in October as iOS 12.1 beta references ‘iPad2018Fall’

“Apple’s release of iOS 12.1 earlier today has already given us a peek at a new feature: Memoji syncing. In that article, I suggested that this feature would make sense with the release of new iPads with a TrueDepth camera system later this year,” Guilherme Rambo reports for 9to5Mac. “Currently, Memoji is only supported on the iPhone – but adding support to the iPad would mean users would want to sync their characters between each device.”

“Now, iOS 12.1 offers another hint at new iPad models coming this year,” Rambo reports. “Digging into assets used by the Setup app, which is the app that runs when you set up a new device, we found a new identifier for a ‘2018 fall’ iPad.”

“The previous version of the app only included identifiers for the 2018 iPhones,” Rambo reports. “This means the app is being updated to teach users how to use the new gestures on a new model of iPad to be released this fall.”

Read more and see the code in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We smell an October special event!

The second iPad Pro models lose the antiquated Home button and move to gestural iOS is the second we upgrade our iPad Pros!


  1. “Antiquated Home button” my ass. Just because you can learn to live without it doesn’t mean it is better not to have it. I can live without an iPad, and am learning to live without new Macs ever.

  2. For these new iPads to be a successful, multi orientation Face ID is essential. We will see, but if Apple has already developed such, why would they not have included in the new iPhone Xs?

    I love my existing iPad Pro with ‘antiquated home button’, so am not so worried – I can wait…

  3. Mac Pros and Mac Mini upgrades are on the top of my list. Probably dreaming, I know. I have used my sisters iPad and other than surfing the Internet and playing movies and games, personally I have little use for it. It is just a big iPhone and uncomfortable to write long stories and e-mails. Sorry, realize many love it and enjoy I’m just not one of them …

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