iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch Series 4 shipping dates quickly slip into October after preorders begin

“It looks like you had to be quick to place your order this morning if you wanted to take delivery of your Apple Watch Series 4 on September 21,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “All the models we’ve checked now show delivery into mid-October.”

“The story is slightly different with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max,” Lovejoy reports. “At the time of writing, you can still pre-order the iPhone Xs in any color and storage tier combination and get a Sep 21 delivery date. The same is true for the 64GB iPhone Xs Max in all three colors.”

“But if you want the 256GB or 512GB models, you’re going to have to wait,” Lovejoy reports. “These are currently showing Sep 28 to Oct 5 for the 256GB models, and Oct 5-12 for the 512GB models.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For us, 256GB was the sweet spot (iPhone Xs Max) as we couldn’t even come close to packing our 256GB iPhone X units full last year.

Did you get yours?


  1. At 12:06 i got through and ordered a 44 MM SS gold (GPS + Cellular) Ship times had already slipped to 5-7 days! Delivery 9/29-10/2)
    My wife got through at 12:08 and ordered iPhone XS Max gold 256. Hers delivers on 9/14. Happy hunting everyone!

    1. smoothest preorder experience ever.
      at 12:01 using my Apple Store app on my phone via LTE ( I had pre-registered earlier stuff to extend my Apple Lease program as advised), I finalized my XS Max 256GB phone AND my space gray 44mm Watch literally in three minutes. Quite a satisfying experience, almost surreal.

      1. Ditto. 9/21 delivery. I went for the XS. I am upgrading from a 6S, so the XS is already a lot bigger, and the 6S was is a good size for my pockets. Max felt like I’d end up regretting the physical size. I have Series 3 Watch, but the Series 4’s bigger screen is a real improvement, so had to go for it.

    1. I went gold aluminum with pink sand wristband this time mainly because I want it to look more invisible on my wrist. My first gen was space grey with black wristband which stood out like a very sore thumb. Apple “generously” offered me $25 for the old first gen Watch for which I passed.

  2. In Canada the store opened at 12:08. I had everything (XS Max Space Grey 256 & Apple Watch Black Stainless) favourited, and secured them within about 15 seconds… and yet still got stuck with a September 26th shipping date. Darn. First world problem for sure, but I always loved being one of the first Canadians with the good stuff ; )

  3. Xs 256 in space gray and Series 4 LTE aluminum in space gray ordered as soon as the store opened. Xs delivers on 9/21 but the watch had already slipped into early October.

  4. Not in the least bit of a hurry if I upgrade at all this time around. The iPhone X still holds up nicely. We will see. Generally I’ve found I can walk into an Apple Store and get what I need a few weeks after they go on sale anyway. I’m actually more interested in upgrading my first gen Apple Watch.

    1. Just bought the Apple Watch 4 with Apple Care + and with sales tax it’s $668! But buying it, as I haven’t bought anything from Apple since the iPhone X last year, reminded me how exciting it can be to buy an Apple product I want. There would also be a Mac Mini and Mac Pro on order as well if I had the option of buying updated units worth buying there too.

      But then Apple has been leaving money on the Mac table for years. Really dumb, clueless and lazy on their part.

      Funny how easy it is to insult Apple now since in the old days I was one of their biggest defenders. That’s what happens when users (especially pro ones) feel betrayed for years on end.

  5. I’d done the prework on Wednesday and randomly woke up this morning at 2:30 CDT. By that time the delivery dates for the XS Max 512 Space Grey were out to Oct 5 – 12. Decided to wait and take my chances and went back to bed.

    Looked again earlier this afternoon and the delivery dates moved up to Sept. 27 – Oct. 5 so I pulled the trigger.

    My X is fine but I have a few trips coming up where the camera will come in handy.

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