Apple leaks iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR names, wider 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch sizes on

“A last-minute leak has seemingly confirmed the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR names for Apple’s newest phones, and revealed new Apple Watch sizes,” Thomas Ricker reports for The Verge. “The names, first spotted by ATH, are found in a product sitemap XML file hosted on, and are associated with items that will be available to purchase including AppleCare support, phone cases, and Watch bands.”

Ricker reports, “The XML file mentions the Apple Watch Series 4 by name, and new watch bands in wider 40mm and 44mm sizes (existing Apple Watches are either 38mm or 42mm) and a variety of colors.”

“The file also reveals a number of new Apple cases for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices,” Ricker reports. “The silicone cases will come in midnight blue, white, black, stone, and Product RED, while the leather cases will be available in saddle brown, taupe, black, and Product RED. Leather folio cases are also listed in black, Product RED, green, Cape Cod blue, and peony pink. No Apple cases are listed for the iPhone XR.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever. They’re not the greatest product names in the history of product naming, but they’ll impact sales 0% regardless.


      1. leaks & delays under Steve…sure, but nothing like this.

        A comment on another post notes Apple’s “sloppiness” under TC. It’s not a word I’d ever link to Job’s Apple, but I would with Cook. There are many examples over many years.

        (Please don’t anyone idiotically note how high the stock price is, or how much Apple has in the bank. Exercise you mind…an juggle the fact these two can happen simultaneously).

  1. Well, it’s not quite as bad as Performa, Quadra, Centris, LC and all the iterations of those yet. But it’s starting to become overcomplicated for no particular reason, and I’m not looking forward to having to explain the differences between these arbitrary model names to normals.

    1. Too many iPhone versions for too many population/economic segments. I read that Jobs got rid all those products expeditiously because Apple had a hard time communicating its offerings, replacing them with one product, an all in one. But now that Apple is boated, it can revert to revert to the pre-Jobs’ MO. It can financially afford to complicate its lineup once again.

  2. Tim, keep a simple, distinguishable product line and dont clutter it up and confuse your customer base. This is what happens when you quit inventing. The watch has to get thinner and more streamlined if you want to sell to anyone other than 40yr old men. Make a sleek,!thin, streamlined wrist device and dont call it a watch and watch teenage girls drive the market.

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