Pixelmator Pro update adds light leak, bokeh and more new effects, on sale for $29.99

“Pixelmator Pro today released its latest update to the Mac image editor, with a back-to-school sale price of $29.99 (normally $59.99),” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The new effects include Light Leak and Bokeh. Light Leak lets you add synthetic refractions of light over the top of a photo, like adding the ray of a sunshine or small speckles dotted around the ‘lens.’ There is also a bokeh effect for adding ‘soap bubbles’ to portraits,” Mayo reports. “In addition to Light Leak and Bokeh, Pixelmator Pro now offers Spin Blur, Clouds, Noise, Threshold, Mask to Alpha, and several new Tile and Distortion filters.”

Mayo reports, “Existing owners of Pixelmator Pro can update to the latest version for free.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Updated and looking better than ever!


  1. The Pixelmator developers are really great. Apart from developing a terrific application, they are very kindly disposed towards their customers. The application is amazingly good value anyway, but they keep updating it and letting existing customers have the improved version for free.

    Compare and contrast with other companies who either try to charge annual subscriptions, or those who charge a high proportion of the original price for relatively small updates.

    We should all encourage companies with the sort of attitude which Pixelmator has and buy their products to ensure that they stay in business.

  2. It’s too bad this only works with Macs that have a Metal compatible graphics cards. I’d scoop this up right now at this price but my Mid 2010 i7 15″ MBP, which runs so damn good with High Sierra on an SSD, is out of luck.
    Some people don’t know the system requirements are getting pissed when it tells them it can’t be installed on their Mac.

    1. It’s not altogether surprising that a sophisticated graphics application needs a pretty good graphics processor to be present.

      I once found myself unable to upgrade to the latest version of Pixelmator due to my Mac not having the appropriate spec. I e-mailed Pixelmator and politely asked if there was any way to get round this issue. They sent me a link to download a free copy of the most powerful version available to run on that Mac.

      That’s the sort of customer experience which delights customers. It’s a shame that it doesn’t happen everywhere.

    1. Maybe not for most of us. But, I don’t work there now, but I have at one time, worked at a place where CMYK and Grayscale support would be a deal breaker. As convenient and easy to use (much more efficient) as Pixelmator is, like most Apple “Pro” equipment nowadays, I would consider them semi-Pro.

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