‘Fortnite’ data miners reveal Apple TV references; MFi controller support likely coming soon

“When games reach a certain level of popularity, the community fervor around all and any changes reaches critical mass, which happened a very long time ago for Fortnite,” Eli Hodapp reports for Touch Arcade.

“Nowadays, anytime Epic pushes any data to the game through any sort of update, data miners race to be the first one to discover something interesting, as was the case last night with Twitter user @StormLeaks,” Hodapp reports. “They discovered mentions of the Apple TV operating system inside the game, indicating that Fortnite both is likely coming to Apple TV and getting MFi controller support soon.”


“Arguably, the MFi controller aspect makes this a way more interesting news story as of course Fortnite would come to Apple TV,” Hodapp reports. “The thing is, Fortnite can’t come to the Apple TV without MFi support, and it doesn’t make a ton of sense for them to only add MFi support for the Apple TV exclusively.”

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