Motorola P30 comes under fire as ‘shameless rip’ of Apple’s flagship iPhone X

“Can you spot the difference?” Thomas Tamblyn writes for Huffington Post UK. “[Below] on the right is Apple’s flagship handset the iPhone X while on the left is Motorola’s newest phone the Motorola P30.”

“Some have even gone so far as to call it a ‘shameless rip’ of Apple’s flagship phone,” Tamblyn writes. “While the P30 certainly shares the ‘notch’ at the top of the screen, Motorola certainly aren’t the only company to have used this design in their phones.”


MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X’s notch (really a flap, occluding the display) is an inelegant kludge. The extensive copying of it from the fragmandroid peddlers proves that if Jony Ive took a dump in a box, they’d immediately start downing laxatives like candy.

“Despite this many believe that Motorola’s phone goes far beyond simply using a few of the same design choices,” Tamblyn writes. “Technology blogger Marques Brownlee tweeted: ‘Introducing Motorola P30 Pro: Our most shameless rip yet.'”


Read more in the full article here.


MacDailyNews Take: The icing on the cake is that The Verge asked Google’s AI to identify an image of the Motorola P30 and eEven Google thought it was an iPhone X.


  1. Its really really getting old knocking the notch, If Apple could have easily avoiding doing that, I am sure they would have..

    I’ve yet to read other than the silly ideas of embedding the notch components under the screen or other similar schemes that I suspect if actually tried or were tested, didn’t work.

    So if there is actually a way to make a seamless means of embedding all the notch components without creating a notch or a non-screen space at the top of the device that actually works, let me know and show me where it is or who did it..

  2. LOL LOL LOL. I love the irony, all android settler where making fun of the iPhone X notch and they are trying to replicate it, and i say “Trying” because I bet it will not have the same functionality or accuracy at all, not even close.

  3. Come on MDN I thought you’d have got over the notch or flap by now. It’s there for a very good f***ing reason, and when Apple can bury the sensors beneath the screen, I’m sure they will. GET. OVER. IT.

    1. It’s all part of MDN’s simple bear-pit binary world laced with hyperbole and entitlement. Logic, achievable goals, science…all are subservient to self righteous MDM proclamations. Jonny Ive and TC’s credit expired with the Bondi blue iMac as far as they are concerned

  4. Its not just the notch.. the rear camera is a direct knock off too.. plus the sides..

    The notch is not meant as an elegant design statement copycats! .. Rather a necessity to acomodate for the face id cam sys… yet u idiot copiers are ruining what could be an unobstructed screen by unnecessarily incorporating it… lol …… its hilarious…..

    1. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” No matter what sort of nastiness is said about Apple product design, Apple products will continue to produce a lot of copycat products.

  5. But… but… but everyone hated the display notch and considered it an abomination. Oh, well. Humans do tend to exaggerate about every meaningless thing.

    The display notch is likely a transitional design and shouldn’t last more than a few years. Meanwhile, it’s necessary considering all the electronic circuitry it houses. Unfortunately the P30 has a display notch and a display chin. Motorola wasn’t about to spend the extra money folding the connector region of the display under itself for cosmetic reasons. That’s OK, most consumers probably won’t even care if the P30 is an overall competent smartphone. It seems to be a rather decent-looking iPhone X knock-off.

  6. 1. The notch isn’t a beautiful design.
    2. The notch might be pragmatic.
    3. Using my iPhone X, I almost never even notice. Like ever.
    4. Faking a notch for less than what the X’s notch does is really pathetic and the most obvious thing the copycats have ever done to make them look foolish.

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