Tim Cook posts gif of Apple Park’s massive motorized cafeteria doors sliding open

“Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a rare glimpse at Apple Park’s inner workings on Wednesday with a video showing off the facility’s cafeteria doors, two massive, motorized floor-to-ceiling glass panels that slide open for natural building ventilation,” AppleInsider reports.

“Cook presented the time-lapse video in a tweet, saying, ‘Lunchtime at Apple Park just got a whole lot more exciting,'” AppleInsider reports. “Whether the doors were operational prior to this week is unknown, though Apple has touted the mechanism in the past.”

AppleInsider reports, “The company currently offers a sneak peek at the doors in motion as part of a comprehensive ARKit presentation at its Apple Park visitor center.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you get a chance, that augemented reality display of Apple Park at the visitor center in Cupertino is worth waiting for your turn.


    1. Absolute drooling morons 1 starred your comment. Words do not express my utter contempt for such blithering idiots.

      You are 100% correct. Pipeline does not car about the Mac and it shows. Pipeline cares about idiotic robotic doors and it shows.

    1. Yes, because the same people who built the glass doors are the same people could have been building your Mac Pro in the back of a barbershop. /s {criticism would be placed here, but I don’t want to name call}
      Those architects (not microchip computer designers) who designed those glass doors are probably the same people who design Apple Stores. They do a good job for Apple, but wouldn’t make a very good Mac.
      I’ve dealt with barbershop managers before who look over their shoulders, see Bob walking down the hallway and say, “Bob! You are now in charge of this project”

      Damn, I think I just called you a name. Sorry.

      1. you are being sarcastic but you actually don’t know what you are talking about

        even the big honcho who is in charge of the Mac Pro (who designed the Cheese Grater and the Cylinder and is responsible for every Mac since the the candy iMac ) has listed Apple Park design as under his purview.

        “Jony is responsible for all design at Apple, including the look and feel of Apple hardware, user interface, packaging, major architectural projects such as Apple Park and Apple’s retail stores, as well as new ideas and future initiatives.”

        There are numerous articles describing how he and apple designers worked on or supervised everything in the Campus from door handles, furniture (“milled from special maple only”), ceiling tiles to door thresholds. Reuters said Apple designers spent a year and a half on the door handles alone.

        Go look at Jony interviews over the last few years, he only talks about the Watch and Architecture (the Campus and retail). i’ve never heard him talk Mac . but look at his Apple.com listing, he’s responsible for ALL design — that includes Macs.

        people can be apologist, squirm and down vote Mac complainers but they can’t override the facts: one guy was responsible for both Apple Park and the Macs, you’ve got a super LUX Campus and a 2013 Mac Pro.

  1. he shows the lux goodies for the staff and isn’t embarrassed he’s got a flagship Mac Pro being sold on Apple.com which was built in 2013 — older than the start to finish construction of the Campus. Staff goodies come before Products?

    and for those who don’t think the two aren’t related note chief designer Jony Ive had his official apple bio changed to include ‘Campus designer’ creds.

    Next there will be videos showing the Cafeteria Cuisine being more modern, up to date and avant grade than the Macs they are selling.

    as they chomp on newest style sushi I’m stuck using three Cheese Grater Mac Pros with Nvidia cards in them., ( way faster than the 2013 cylinder in GPU , they are hooked up to $2000 Wacom cintiq monitors so I don’t want an iMac Pro with a screen….). Some Mac user kids today weren;t BORN when those Cheese Graters were made.

  2. The message the video sends is the apposite of the intended; It shows off Apple’s geekified prowess without delighting us, without showing us how it makes our lives better, so it’s an old Microsoftian PR message which makes it totally wrong, wrong, wrong – a blunder.

      1. The unintended message is that people are ants. The scale of the architecture compared to the ants is reminiscent of Nationalist Socialist architecture during the time of Hitler and Mussolini. Its sheer size was meant to impress viewers and to oppress people into psychological submission.

    1. Exactly right. A pagan tribute to their compulsive design excesses. Reminds me of the golden calf decandent scene in the Ten Commandments movie where Jony plays Edward G. Robinson.

      Who needs panels that big, seriously? The people are ants by size comparison, talk about overkill if it is used as a door. The energy to operate the panels and the loss of AC to the hot California air is obviously of no concern.

      Ego and largess, no design humility for sure …

      1. This photo was tone deaf. Cook thought that he was just posting an innocuous, boring photo but images communicate, and this one communicates the wrong thing. Cook needs a handler like Jobs had. He had a woman who controlled much of his activities to keep him on the proper track.

  3. It’s nice how Apple is doing something for its employees, but they should still take the time and effort to get their Apple desktops updated like the rest of the computer industry does on a yearly basis.

    Apple Park was the dream of Steve Jobs and he deserves that much for what he did for Apple. It’s a rather expensive legacy and somewhat unusual in design. I wondered why those doors have to open so wide but since it’s part of the building’s ventilation system I guess it was necessary. I’ve never been much interested in a company’s corporate headquarters but Apple Park must be some sort of architectural landmark. I’m happy for those employees who can enjoy working at Apple’s corporate headquarters.

  4. Well Im sure Pipeline Timmy wont allow using those nasty plastic straws at this new enormous cafeteria compound. We all know that its those Straws that are ruining Mankind and the entire earth itself.

    I always think, so not ONE of those thousands of employees has a good idea for a new product? Not even an upgrade? what the hell do they do all day?

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