Turkish president calls for iPhone boycott amid U.S. tensions

“President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to boycott iPhones in a demonstration of defiance as the U.S. held firm to its demand that Turkey release an evangelical pastor and Turkish executives called for action to bolster the lira,” Onur Ant reports for Bloomberg. “Erdogan said the nation of 80 million people would stop buying American electronics, condemning the ‘explicit economic attack’ against his country. The lira lost a quarter of its value this month as Donald Trump doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum imports and slapped sanctions on two ministers. It rebounded on Tuesday as Turks sold dollars.”

“‘There is a cost for those who are plotting the operation’ against Turkey, Erdogan said in televised remarks from Ankara, without specifying when the boycott would start or how it would be enforced,” Ant reports. “Singling out the iPhone, he suggested Turks buy Samsung Electronics Co. or locally made Venus Vestel smartphones instead.”

“While even a widespread Turkish boycott would do little to dent U.S. economic interests, it shows Erdogan refusing to give in to market turmoil that’s pushed borrowing costs to record highs and threatens to descend the nation into a financial crisis,” Ant reports. “Tensions between the two NATO allies have intensified amid a dispute over the detention of Andrew Brunson, whom Turkey accuses of aiding a failed coup. Trump’s top national security aide warned Turkey’s ambassador on Monday that the U.S. has nothing further to negotiate until Brunson is freed, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

“Policymakers need to adopt a series of measures ‘so that the situation doesn’t make permanent damage to the real economy,’ the Union of Chambers and Commodities Exchanges of Turkey and the Turkish Industry and Business Association said in a joint statement,” Ant reports. “They called on the government to cut spending, improve ties with the European Union, bring to an end the spat with the U.S. and chart out a clear plan to bring inflation — which soared to a 15-year high of almost 16 percent in July — back to single digits permanently.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Buy inferior knockoffs instead” is not a winning move.


  1. Looks like Turkey is waking up and smelling the coffee. Realigning yourself with trustworthy team players who support each other may be a short term pain but it’s a long term gain sure to win out in in the long run.

      1. Not much choice when a good portion of the traditional superpowers are no longer trustworthy team players but geographically speaking they are at a cross roads.

        1. “Not much choice” so it is OK to align yourself with a communist dictatorship, for what exactly? Explain your twisted reasoning which is no surprise given your HATRED for the USA. The issue clueless is not iPhones, it is returning an American hostage. Let that sink in …

          USA! 🇺🇸 USA! 🇺🇸 USA! 🇺🇸

          1. Ah sweet, I just met someone from Jordan, nice guy to talk to. Anyway is it really that strong? I’ve had some pretty strong Euro expresso but I’ve been assured it’s even stronger.

  2. this spat will reduce the value of the Turkish Lira, so great time to have a cheap holiday in Turkey. Also, if Turkey wants to retaliate against the US, it should ban other US imports too like Microsoft and google products, and American cars, not just Apple gear

    1. I find it interesting that many multinational organizations (UN, NATO, NAFTA, EU) are being attacked by the government of Apple’s home nation, which is demonstrating that it is more interested in bilateral relationships. Looks like a divide and conquer approach though it might actually end up being an insult and unite result.

      1. “I find it interesting that many multinational organizations (UN, NATO, NAFTA, EU) are being attacked by the government of Apple’s home nation”

        Attacked? How with nuclear weapons, chemical weapons like in Iraq used on their own people, Syria chemical weapons on their own people, air assault or land forces? Guess that blows up the Global Peace Index if the Libtards are even capable of honest reporting.

        Oh, I know what the socialist lib is thinking, words are an assault. Funny, a word never killed ANYONE in HISTORY.

        Well PC snowflake I have breaking news for you, tough talk is a negotiation strategy now paying dividends. Our president looked NATO In the eye across the table and told them they are not paying their fair share.

        They CAVED and promised to pay more. Did your dead beat nation that is behind in payments agree to pay? Reason I ask WE in the USA protect your mocking sorry asses. Fairness and a level playing is not in your capacity.

        Let go of the HATE, it’s a start …

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