How to easily install open source software on your Mac

“Before my shift to using macOS as my daily work operating system, I was using a myriad of GNU/Linux platforms. Linux (as well as FreeBSD and OpenBSD, upon which macOS is built) provided me with easy access to the various open source software via a package manager,” Anthony Casella reports for iMore.

“Although macOS has the App Store, it’s not a repository of my favorite open source software (at least not in their raw unadulterated forms),” Casella reports. “Things like mplayer, wget, and gcc aren’t in the App Store and searching for or building the source code for a package can become onerous.”

“This is where Homebrew for macOS saves the day!” Casella reports. “Once installed on your Mac, you’ll have access to hundreds of open source packages ready for you at your fingertips. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unleach the power of the UNIX command line within your Mac!


  1. This is something Apple should have done for the ma… Nope, never mind. If it were up to them, Emacs would still be at version 24 or less, as it is on regular macOS installations. And we definitely wouldn’t have youtube-dl. So yeah, Homebrew is the way to go. I love using Emacs, with Emacspeak of course, for reading books, as iBooks on the Mac works terribly with Voiceover, even though it works great with iOS and VoiceOver. Usual Apple there.


  2. Brew Cask is an incredible tool. The ease at which it installs even big apps is amazing.

    $ brew cask install microsoft-office
    $ brew cask uninstall microsoft-office

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