President Trump dines with Apple CEO Tim Cook

“U.S. President Donald Trump said in a Twitter post that he would have dinner with Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook on Friday,” Reuters reports.

“Cook said in a conference call with investors last week that Apple was looking at whether Trump’s tariffs in a trade war with China would hit the company on the purchases it must make,” Reuters reports. “The New York Times reported in June that Trump told Cook that the U.S. government would not levy tariffs on Apple iPhones assembled in China.”

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“Trump dined with more than a dozen business leaders earlier this week at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, where the president discussed his ongoing trade disputes with several countries, including Mexico, Canada, and the European Union,” John Bowden reports for The Hill.

“The president and his allies have fiercely defended the administration’s trade actions in the face of criticism from pro-trade Republicans,” Bowden reports. “‘Tariffs are the greatest! Either a country which has treated the United States unfairly on Trade negotiates a fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs. It’s as simple as that – and everybody’s talking! Remember, we are the ‘piggy bank’ that’s being robbed. All will be Great!’ Trump wrote on Twitter last month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully it was a productive dinner!


    1. President Trump did not start any form of trade with China or set tariffs. That was done administrations ago. He is in the driver’s seat to clean up the MESS left at his feet.

      So I’m sure you will join me in wishing him well to negotiate fair and reasonable tariffs with China, CORRECT the wrongs of the past and benefit the USA and Apple …

      1. You are absolutely right, GoeB. The force is with Trump – and the Space Force, too.

        America is still genuinely the Greatest country in the world, and whether the commies come from China, or France, or wherever, they can all get fuqqed if they think they can put one over the USA.

          1. No, you absolutely savage fqqwheat. what a dunce of a maroon you are to disagree with me over Trump’s greatness. You must be one of those pansy dumbocrats whose a-hole is bigger that the planet Uranus

          2. No, the 21st century Goeebels was Obama. Thank god that PoS is out of office, and we have a real leader in charge.

            Suck it up, snowflakes. The red wave of Republicans is coming to wipe out the mid-term democrat farqwheats

      1. Somebody needs to explain to the President—again—that tariffs are taxes, and that they are really paid by the importing buyer, not the exporting seller. If Mr. Trump is using tariffs to raise revenues to reduce the deficit created by the income tax cuts, all he is doing is shifting the burden from one group of Americans to another. There is no net tax reduction at all.

        1. This should be obvious, but maybe not:

          As Warren Buffet predicted, the recent corporate income tax cuts were mostly used for buybacks, dividends, and other measures to pump stock prices, not for raises, R&D, plant improvements, or other investments in productivity.

          The bulk of the individual tax cuts went to taxpayers with quite substantial business income and capital gains, the same people who benefited from the corporate cuts. So, those are the beneficiaries of the shift in government funding sources from income taxes to tariffs that Mr. Trump touts in the quote above.

          The bulk of the higher tariffs will be paid by consumers in the form of higher prices, not only for anything that contains imported materials but also for domestic goods that no longer need to keep their prices low to compete. The tariff-payers’ own income tax cuts will not be enough to cover their losses to inflation. Most of these ordinary Americans will not be receiving raises adequate to cover the cost of living increase because their employers are having to pay higher prices, too. Employees in industries that are not behind a protectionist wall will be lucky to keep their jobs.

          So, those are the losers of the shift in government funding sources from income taxes to tariffs that Mr. Trump touts in the quote above. Which group do you think contains more people who voted for Mr. Trump because he promised them a better life?

          1. Why am I so doubtful whenever you are out of sight

            Deflection torments my heart
            Deflection keeps us apart
            Deflection why torture me

            Apropos play on lyrics from “Suspicion” by the King Elvis …

            1. Great personal attack. Not so great as a response to what I said. If I am wrong, explain where my facts or reasoning are wrong, instead of going on like a broken record about my alleged character flaws.

            2. “Great personal attack.”

              Pointing out your tactics with rhymes to a song is now a personal attack? Seriously, whatever. But I’ll take it.

              Thank you! I thought it clever, creative and sums up most of your replies.

              BTW, you launch personal attacks against our tireless president and myself daily. So WTF Mr. Self Righteous, the rules do not apply to you snowflake?!?

              Ever hear of this one, what goes around, comes around …

            3. Fwhatever, I would have thought that you at least had the intelligence to understand that the national debt is not directly connected to trade and the trade deficit. Furthermore, the citizens of the U.S. end up paying those tariffs in the form of higher prices. Furthermore, the tariffs that are collected cannot be used by the Government to pay down the national debt if he turns around and spends it on compensating farmers for their lost revenue due to the tariffs!

              You claim to be uber intelligent. But your posts indicate a weak, weak mind.

          1. Exactly right. But he will never admit it. Either deflection or ignore you.

            His daily mission is split hairs and sow seeds of doubt about anything negative he can find against President Trump.

            He PRETENDS to be a conservative, LOL.

            I have not encountered anyone like him without a conscience…

            1. GoeB, you are so very misguided in your thinking. It is clear that your mind is ossified and cannot be changed by fact or logic. You epitomize the root cause of the problems in this country, and I cannot tell you how serious the harm is that you are causing to the U.S. and the world. You are wrong, but you are unlikely to ever admit it.

        2. “Somebody needs to explain to the President—again—that tariffs are taxes, and that they are really paid by the importing buyer, not the exporting seller.”

          Two things:

          1. What makes you think someone needs to explain it to the president? A self made billionaire that conducted major deals and built properties all over the world for decades, hmmm? He is NOW negotiating with the world on tariffs, so your partisan accusation is as pathetic as it is laughable.

          2. Because you HATE the guy, cease spreading USER falsehoods that he is clueless, just because you have nothing good to say about the man …

          1. Why? Because, like you, he obviously does not understand that you cannot raise tariffs to cut taxes because tariffs ARE taxes. I rather assume that is something that Mr. Cook brought up at the dinner.

            1. “Why? Because, like you”

              “he obviously does not understand”

              There you go again on two FALSE accusations! Obviously YOU DO UNDERSTAND what I and the president understand.

              Just another daily partisan attack from USER on the president and whom ever supports him.

              Too easy and getting old, yawn …

          2. Self made billionaire?!?!? I don’t think you know the meaning of the term self made.
            The only thing this huckster did was loose his daddy’s money (and the money of many, many other investors) and then only succeeded after becoming a crook and selling out his country to the Russians.

            1. You despise Trump and are only cherry picking negative moments in a lifelong career, got it. You don’t know the full story and sound like a Democrat tool …

            2. Typical clueless, loser, jealous , left freeloader comment!
              Do u gave any clue what it takes to make billions ?
              Even if u start with a few milion ?

              Its unbelievable how lost you bunch are.. yet feel so entitled.. entitled to others paying your bills .
              And your party is loving your clulessness.. otherwise it would have been much harder for them to brainwash you all

            3. “You despise Trump” – GoeB

              No, Trump despises me, he is a very angry man, but he thinks YOU are a fool for being gullible enough to believe everything he says.
              “This (tax plan) is not good for me”
              Trump was laughing his head off (at you) after he told that one.

          3. well he is the only self made billionaire – and perhaps the only person ever – to have his casinos go bankrupt.

            don’t recall it ever happening to the mob .

            so i think there is solid ground to doubt his business sense

            1. Bankruptcy is actually a leveraged business tool. So many factors and reasons go into the decision. It could have been ALL Trump, I don’t know and neither do you.

              But what I do know, have you been to Atlantic City lately? What a white elephant sh*thole and don’t stray two blocks from the boardwalk in the daytime. Another factor is a dozen casinos were built in Pennsylvania since 2010.

              All those babushka seniors taking dozens of day trip bus specials a week dried up overnight.

              The mob would reorganize or sell off and possibly we are talking two different things …

            2. You see , entitled left losers dont have the balls to play the game , take risks, lose .. get back up and try again and again .. and end up with billions at the end !

              Why would you when its much easier to resort to bullshiing your way through life….not having the guts to play and expecting the winners to dishout your expenses .
              Yet all the while, with full obnoxiousness and arrogance and hypocrisy mock the winners who you so nausatiny feel ‘entitled’ to subsidize your wants and lacks !

              Get a life!
              Rather than be hollow chickens shits waiting for handouts.
              You guys comes aross as these fat lazy slob armchair athletes .. screaming foul and judjung the real players while shoving down a triple burger down your throats .. ( which someone else bought for you )

        3. He is trying to level the playing field …. unless u have a problem with that!? Its all a balancing game and no better time to do that than now, when US economic strength allows a favorable landscape. Change is never easy..

          Trump has the balls to actually fight for Americans people and their well bieng and fairness.. and the Rule of Law…… … unlike previously planted lame puppets. ..

          Yet look at mainly the decietful left and how they try to overshadow all with pure bullcrap, noise and propaganda , selective stats and anarchy … playing with the minds of the mainstream…
          (overall the political structure/ establishments ( way way more so by the left than the right ) is scared shitless of Trump disrupting what they feet was theirs to do as they please… hence the violent deceitful reactions and desperation. They will stop at nothing to guard what they feel is their entitlement… which purly it is not …. )

          When will the brainwashed wake up and smell the coffee.
          Including many on this site.

          Freeloaders love handouts… and the left loves that as a contoling mechanism…. The carrot on the stick to brainwash the simpletons whom the left hilariously chooses to call progressive, elite and liberal….to make them feel special and above while manipulateing the very same group. Lol
          Load of crap.

          The Left is massively controlling( number one objective ) and deceatful and the followers, unfortunately, blind puppets! ….Little they know they are the being manipulated. After all they have been manipulated in believeing they are the elite and liberal.. ..haha.and sigh.
          World has seen this over and over… and here we are again …

          I guess being a lemming is a natural freeloader trait… and isnt the controling left loving it. !

          Trump may not be the most polished diplomat … but what he intends to achive is 100% for the good of Americans.. and he has the balls to actually confront the fanatical headwinds and violent reactions.
          Kudos to him..

          Shame on the deceitful manipulators , mainly the left … and their tentacles that control most of the mass media through which the mainstream is being manipulated.
          Shame on the political establishment overall who will stop at nothing to preserve their autocratic ways , including the very shortsighted division they create in the process .. That is not for the good of people…
          That is not good for anybody…. and i believe it will ultimatly lead to the downfall and demise of USA if the brainwashed dont open their eyes!….Soon !

          USA enemies and competitors are loving this chaos and division.. and the left, more so than anyone else, is feeding the fire.. stupidly and blindly so.

          1. That is the usual purpose of tariffs, and it is a purpose that usually fails to work (except to protect new industries in developing nations). What NEVER works is to use tariffs as a way to lower the overall tax burden on the citizenry. The quote from the President indicates that he thinks he can cut taxes by levying a tax.

      2. Fwhatever, I would have thought that you at least had the intelligence to understand that the national debt is not directly connected to trade and the trade deficit. Furthermore, the citizens of the U.S. end up paying those tariffs in the form of higher prices. Furthermore, the tariffs that are collected cannot be used by the Government to pay down the national debt if he turns around and spends it on compensating farmers for their lost revenue due to the tariffs!

        You claim to be uber intelligent. But your posts indicate a weak, weak mind.

  1. Here Tim IS doing his job working with the administration that currently resides in the Oval Office regardless of your political leanings & working to Apple’s advantage. I think the writing is on the wall though to move more production back to friendlier and more stable countries, especially our own. A disruption for political problems or being held ransom at a moment’s notice over the whims of politicians is not a situation any company should tolerate.

    1. When you are a multinational company committed to a diverse workforce, I’m not sure the United States is necessarily a shining star right now in terms of either friendliness or stability. Not being held hostage to the whims of politicians is exactly why Tim Cook wanted this dinner; all the publicity over the $trillion thing offers a window of opportunity with a man who measures value largely in monetary terms.

      1. Not being held hostage to the whims of China and other countries that have placed very high tariffs on us for the last how many decades is what is being fixed.

        Unless you like “unequal” and unfair tariffs?

        1. I don’t think it’s really fair to say hostage to high tariffs applied to a particular nation, after all no one is forcing anyone to trade with anyone else.

          That being said I found a ranking of countries based on their average tariffs.

          The top 5 nations with the highest simple mean for all products are the Bahamas, Iran, Djibouti, Cameroon, and Gabon, all higher than 15%. China’s mean is 7.76%, Apple’s home country 2.79% so yes China is a lot higher but again if you don’t like it don’t do business with them. There are a lot of countries that have a lower mean that Apple’s home nation go figure.

          Finally what I found interesting is that Libya, Singapore, and Switzerland had an average of 0% tariffs (way to go, showing great leadership in that area) along with the Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of Macao and Hong Kong, both Chinese territories.

          1. Which is why the Chinese will get nervous and come back to the table. Other companies that can source goods “elsewhere” are starting to cancel contracts with China.

            I could care less what other companies tariffs are with other countries. We need to work with getting reciprocal zero tariffs with us.
            The first step is forcing those countries to the bargaining table. How? Slap tariffs equal to what they have done to us for decades. It has gotten their attention.
            Now we wait until China and others start to lose business to other countries that are willing to agree to zero tariffs.

            I have a very big drink when I can go to the store and see much of the merchandise with “Made in NOT CHINA”. Fuck em. They put lead, plastic, bad chemicals in dog food. Even in baby food.

            When Trump first upped the tariffs, the EU started crying like a baby, saying it’s unfair. So Trump said, OK, lets go with zero tariffs on both sides. EQUAL. The EU did not like that either. So they are bullshit liars and Trump caught them at it.

            1. Well from my understanding from the link I found, Switzerland, Libya and Singapore are at zero tariffs so they are doing what they think is best for their countries. Others are doing the same, but at the end of the day, these are the leadership nations when it comes to little or no tariffs.

              What the other countries will do, well most go through the World Trade Organization for disputes and guidance from my understanding not unilateral war declaration.

              At any rate, this is certainly a good time for many countries to review their trade practices with others. We’ll see what happens. Shouldn’t take too long though, I heard that trade wars are easy to find, just like weapons of mass destruction programs are.

            2. The weapons of mass destruction are stored In your bunker compound unnamed sources tell us under the condition of anonymity. We are also following a story that Russian oligarchs referred by Hillary are willing to trade nuclear material for weapons. Story developing…


          2. You do enjoy splitting hairs. “Terrorist nation” is a figure of speech, rogue communist totalitarian nation is more precise.

            President Trump did not start any form of trade with China or set tariffs. That was done administrations ago. He is in the driver’s seat to clean up the MESS left at his feet.

            So I’m sure you will join me in wishing him well to negotiate fair and reasonable tariffs with China, CORRECT the wrongs of the past and benefit the USA and Apple …

          3. President Trump did not start any form of trade with China or set tariffs. That was done administrations ago. He is in the driver’s seat to clean up the MESS left at his feet.

            So I’m sure you will join me in wishing him well to negotiate fair and reasonable tariffs with China, CORRECT the wrongs of the past and benefit the USA and Apple …

            1. GoeB,
              Are you stuck in a time loop?
              Or are you copying Trump in telling a lie over and over and over again thinking that doing that will make it true?

            2. You switched the details and ignored my post as usual just to throw another DIG, and it’s President Trump TO YOU. Why do I waste my time on a deceitful word dodger? …

            3. Trump never had the maturity to actually become president. He’s more like the spoiled dictator this world has seen far too many times.
              . . . and that’s Liar in Chief TO YOU.

      2. No, I don’t like high tariffs (and certainly not the Chinese political tyranny), but let’s get real. The Administration’s policies have consequences. Two items from this morning’s AP newsfeed:

        (A) The Trump Tariffs are already boosting home construction prices. The added cost of lumber, nails, drywall, reinforcing steel, and such is projected to raise the price of a new home in California by around $20,000. Adding to the problem is a shortage of construction workers, due in part to immigration policies. This creates a problem for all the people who have lost homes in recent wildfires, since construction on an expedited schedule is even more costly. Many of these folks have insurance that only covered the resale value of their old home, not the cost of replacing it under today’s conditions.

        (B) The President is claiming “As you know, we’re doing record and close-to-record GDP. … Economy has never been better.” In fact, the current growth rate is merely the best since 2014. 4.1% growth is good, but the economy grew that fast for four straight years in 1997-2000 and reached 7.2% in 1984.

        He is also claiming “jobs are at their best point in history.” Unemployment is at 3.9%. Again, that is good, but hardly the 2.5% in 1953. The unemployment numbers do not include potential workers who are not looking for a job, which is why Mr. Trump ridiculed that statistic during the campaign. If you look instead at actual employment, a greater percentage of Americans held jobs in 2000 than today… and that is before the impact of the tariffs starts hitting employment.

        The President is also not mentioning real wages. Payrolls (including benefits) are growing at an impressive 2.8% annually, but consumer prices are rising at 2.9%, the highest in 6 years. That represents a net loss for the average worker. “Average” (mean) does not necessarily mean “typical” (median), either, since a lot of the payroll increase represents executive and management compensation, not the wages paid to line workers and first-line supervisors, which are losing ground to inflation even faster. Housing prices in some areas are rising at double-digit annual rates.

        1. A) 20k? I’m sure there is some offset but being the AP with a need to go into the deep-end politically I don’t buy this for a moment, especially with my experiences (decades ago) of working with home building supplies, home builders, and construction workers (but if it causes people like you to see the bad in everything Trump does, then mission accomplished by the AP).

          As far as construction workers and illegals, tough shit. You are looking at this completely wrong. In decades past when there was a shortage of workers in one part of the country then the glut from a depressed area would fill the void. The first thought wasn’t “hey, we need workers so lets get a bunch of illegals who will work for pennies on the dollar and give them welfare and leave all those American without jobs or careers on the dole. Win-Win for Social workers!!” I have no sympathy for this situation nor do I care about any backlash for expressing it.

          B) Your other points are poking in the eye of reality verses how Obama ran things. If Trump oversells actual good news, slay him. If Obama promises to lower the oceans AND lower health care cost (which he did neither), revere him.

          1. AP didn’t make the number up. It came directly from named executives in the California homebuilding industry. If they were misquoted, I think we’d have heard about it by now.

            I wasn’t talking about “illegals.” Administration policies have significantly reduced the flow of legal immigrants without professional qualifications, the sort of folks who have filled entry-level jobs in America since 1607 or thereabouts. With a higher demand (fires) and a lower supply (quotas), labor costs have gone up. Are you under the impression that there are a bunch of unemployed native-born construction workers anywhere in America willing to move to California? If there were, they would demand huge raises. Hence the higher home construction costs.

            As for poking in the eye of reality, the economy added 3.4 million jobs in the 18 months since “the largest crowd ever (period)” gathered for the Trump Inauguration, versus 3.7 million in the previous 18 months. I’m not giving special credit to either President for the steadily continuing recovery from the Great Recession that began in 2007.

            My major point was that real impacts from the tariffs are already appearing, and they aren’t good. US Steel has not really announced six (or seven) new plants. It has reopened one or two pot lines in existing plants, which hasn’t offset the losses in industries that use steel. Tim Cook is doing good to push for a fair resolution of the trade war before there are more casualties.

            1. Your point is fine, no one wants these tariffs to continue past their need (save for Democrats who want to point them out to people who don’t understand them as a reason to dump Trump)

              And yes, there are probably thousands of construction workers and unskilled laborers in many parts of America who would move to California IF THEY WEREN’T PAID TO SIT AT HOME!.

              I’m not talking about temporarily unemployed, I’m talking about depressed areas where if they can barely get by with government aid and illegal trades then they will stay where they are.

              Why do you think legal immigrants are more willing to move half-way around the world to live in California but Americans aren’t??

              Another question just to understand your perspective, have you ever held a blue-collar job in construction and seen how they travel to work areas? I’m asking if you have any experience with this class of people or just going by what is rationalized by the white-collar class.

              (also the homebuilding industry represents builders so why not fudge the numbers to add profits?)

              Or even better, tell me what can be done to save all these Californians from their misery. Repeal every tariff? Open the borders? Ship in Indian building gurus??? Why doesn’t Moonbeam just declare all workers on his train to nowhere go work on houses and let the taxpayer pick up the tab? (at least they’d get something out of the deal. The entire state is being taken for a ride on a train that will NEVER make a dime)

            2. The labor issue is secondary to the price of materials in driving the rise in construction costs. About 25% of the lumber used for framing comes from Canada and is subject to tariffs. The price of domestic lumber has gone up to match the new Canadian prices. The same thing has happened to the price of nails, drywall, and virtually everything else that goes into a house. So, going back to the situation before the trade war would certainly help.

              Note, by the way, that China is not a major factor in most of these markets. The trade war, justified in the name of national security, is being waged against our oldest and closest allies.

            3. If I misheard you, I apologize. I’ve grown used to dealing with those who assume you can safely ignore a message if you don’t like the messenger.

        2. it takes a long time to unravel the knots of bad policy. it’s painful, unpleasant but, it seems that millions of voters are willing to bear the burden for the short-term if it means well for country’s future. plug up the hole in the bottom of your glass and see how it fills up.

            1. Hey eeeejit, Trump is undoing all of Oblabla’s damage.

              You are so dum you can’t see it – that’s why you’re part of the dum-oc-rat party.

              Clappity clap clap – thank you for bringing the average IQ of America down, why don’t you go to Venezuela and join your leftist scummmbag ideological comrades?

              Maroons like you deserve every bad thing karma can heap upon you for being so mind numbingly shtoopead.

      3. “committed to a diverse workforce”

        Exactly, like in China 99.9% Chinese.

        “not a shining star right now in terms of either friendliness or stability.”

        Translation: Team Appeaser Obama is not in office sucking up to world leaders. The U.S. is the friendliest, most open and most stable on Earth. China is a communist nation that Apple had to cave to do business, you know the story. Apple would not have to worry about communist demands here in the USA. Peter is absolutely correct.

        “Not being held hostage to the whims of politicians is exactly why Tim Cook wanted this dinner”

        He wanted this dinner not Trump? It doesn’t work that way, pal. The president makes the decision, and decides who to dine with — NOT Cook. He can wish and whistle in the wind all he wants …

        1. I didn’t claim that Cook initiated the meeting (neither of us knows), just that he wanted the meeting. Are you suggesting that Tim Cook was forced to attend a meeting he didn’t want? It doesn’t work that way, either, any more than the First Amendment forces Apple to publish any rubbish that comes along.

          I’m not defending China, but it never claimed to be anything other than an autocracy run entirely by Han Chinese members of the Communist Party under the direction of a solitary dictator.

          America has historically claimed to be better—a shining city on a hill lit by a thousand points of light representing the self-sacrificial love of its people. You know, the same points of light that Our President mocked in a recent speech.

          I doubt there are very many minority-group members right now who see America as more friendly and open than it was a couple of years ago. Except, of course, for the minority who voted for Mr. Trump.

          Here’s hoping that Mr. Cook can have some beneficial influence.

          1. God, are you a one-track mind virtual signaling whore.

            “I didn’t claim that Cook initiated the meeting (neither of us knows), just that he wanted the meeting.”

            I never said YOU claimed it Mr. Thin Skin.

            That said, please provide a quote from Cook that he wanted this meeting. Otherwise, I will answer it for you in an upcoming post …

          2. You want me to PROVE that Tim Cook, as the CEO of a major corporation heavily influenced by federal policies, wanted to meet with the President of the United States? Sorry, but I can’t prove there was a sunrise today either. Didn’t see it, so it must not have happened.

            No, I can NOT prove that Our President did not send a bunch of jackbooted thugs to Cupertino, threw Cook onto a black helicopter, and dragged him kicking and screaming to New Jersey. Haven’t seen any evidence of that, but I’m I’m sure you can enlighten us.

            1. Of course you cannot prove Cook said it. That’s why I called your fake bluff again. You speak for a lot of people out your arse, bad habit and WRONG. BTW, I can prove the sun rose today, just look outside outside it’s sunny …

            2. “Like the sun in the sky proves there was a sunrise”

              My God you are so right, my apologies. The light today in the sky was not a direct result of a sunrise.

              Conspiracy websites like Dark Sky are reporting Pipeline is working with a secret Titan company on the planet Taloos in the Talosian system on an all Apple branded intergalactic planetary flashlight because sunrises do not guarantee light anymore especially if someone does not see it.

              Today’s test was activated by an iPhone app on a specially equipped laser galactic iPhone traveling light years in seconds. The Onion will probably break more details of the secret project this weekend.

              Thank you Apple, for shedding light and saving the world. We don’t need no stinkin’ sunrises no more … 😆

      1. Which is why Trump commanded his EPA to lower environmental standards which would increase domestic pollution. This benefits the manufacturing corporation, not me and my family.

        1. It does not benefit any company in the USA because we (rest of the world) do not accept your poluting cars nor machinery. (Volkswagen do you hear?). China has more restrictive laws than California now what comes to pollution. Europe (we) have to tighten up these laws even more.

          The age of the steam engine is gone.
          The age of the compustion engine is gone.
          Welcome to the age of Sun and Electric.

      2. And so the downside is…?

        Seriously is it okay then to contaminate other parts of the world? Ultimately mightn’t that have the same accumulative effect on the environment regardless?

        I think you bring up a broader question of manufacture that’s injurious to the planet no matter where it’s done and the environmental morality of that. NIMBY won’t play well in justifying overseas manufacture because of dangers it might create here in the States.

        And believe me I’m no Chicken Little.

        1. Yes, Earth gets the same amt. of pollution no matter where Apple manufactures. So I would love to see an Apple gadget be completely recyclable, either by its recyclable materials or by the recycling process.

  2. I wonder if their partners will attend of if it’s going to be a more intimate dinner between the two. I hope that Apple Maps is one of the topics that they discuss, Apple really needs to update their maps to show that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq so that the genocidal army can finally find it.

    At any rate, it’s certainly nice that Tim Cook has the president’s rear.

  3. such a stark contrast, it is. apple ceo sits down with potus to discuss how business might advantage both apple and the usa while, 180º to the other side of the planet is 180º of state coercion where foreign business leaders are practically threatened to tow government policies of oppression in order to do any business at all, for fear they may risk an informed public. it disgusts me to know the many have complied.

    1. Yes, number one would be Apple. But that’s OK, it does not apply to Apple as the apologists turn a blind eye to their HYPOCRISY. To read the comments around here like savage they have all the contempt in the world with President Trump, never mind the roaring economy and record low unemployment numbers for Hispanics and Blacks, and of course they have no problem with China censoring Apple just doing business, right? One word describes this disease: LIBTARDS …

  4. I am sure Tim knows better than to believe a word that guy says. Perhaps Trump wanted to make sure his iPhone was secure and that the FBI could not get his calls or messages to Putin.

  5. Good that Cook is trying to work out things with the President.

    Tarrifs on Apple probably hurt USA consumers and Investors more than China.
    Reports say Foxconn assembly costs for each phone is probably less than $5 , i.e majority of profits go back to USA.
    Reciprocal attacks on by China on China iPhone sales would be disastrous as the China market is about as large as the whole of Europe. This won’t happen either because China wants to protect manufacturing jobs .

    Parts for the iPhone come from all over.. like the screens have parts made in USA, Korea, Japan etc.

    (I’ve not discussed manufacturing jobs in USA which is a whole big other issue.
    i’ve worked in Asia for over 10 years when i was younger and my brother was an IT manager in Shanghai. According to him contrary to what many foreigners who’ve never lived there think the Chinese way more efficient and pragmatic than the ‘communist ‘ title implies and the workers are determined and smart. That’s why there so much manufacturing there although they must be dozens of countries where the wages are way lower than China. Go study what happpened to the Apple factory in Brazil…. )

    1. btw
      writing these posts while in Asia , on a one month trip

      yesterday i was in a sweltering Malaysian coffee shop in a non tourist town. it was open on a all sides with stalls selling noodles, rice and stuff (for about $1 USA each). to my astonishment one chinese girl pulled ou a shiny Macbook….

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