Tor has plenty of headroom for improvement

“If you’re concerned about online security, you may use Tor to access or manage anonymous servers,” Robin Harris writes for ZDNet. “Tor (The onion router) provides a way to anonymize servers on the internet. If there’s content you want to publish while you remain anonymous, Tor is your main option. Over 100,000 Tor sessions are used daily.”

“Tor provides end-to-end security and self-certifying domain names. Servers are anonymous to clients, and clients are anonymous to servers,’ Harris writes. “In the paper How Do Tor Users Interact With Onion Services? researchers from Princeton University looked at how people understand and use Tor… Based on the user problems they found in their interviews and survey, the researchers offer a damning assessment of today’s onion services: ‘Onion services resemble the 1990s web: Pages load slowly, user interfaces are clumsy, and search engines are inadequate.'”

“If Tor can become more user friendly and clearly communicate how its services protect privacy,” Harris writes, “it will play a much more important role in protecting users from unwanted surveillance.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Princeton researchers have provided Tor developers with an excellent roadmap which, if followed, would lead to significant improvements!

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