Some expect Apple to beat analysts’ earning expectations big time

Apple reports fiscal Q3 results tomorrow (Tuesday, August 31) has some observers getting excited.

“Ken Berman, who is the founder and CEO of investment advice shop Gorilla Trades, and who is also a columnist with Kiplinger’s and Forbes, offers that Apple will beat big time, with perhaps $1 billion above the consensus $53 billion revenue estimate for the quarter, and perhaps 7 cents above the average $2.26 estimate,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “His reasoning is there will be a ‘heavier mix of higher-priced iPhones, momentum on the iPad side of the business and strength in services.'”

“And Jun Zhang with Rosenblatt thinks that while the fiscal Q3 report is going to be merely in line with expectations, there’s prospect for upside in the outlook,” Ray reports. “‘We believe Apple will move production for its newest LCD model to mid-August, up from September,’ writes Zhang, ‘leading to Apple giving in-line or stronger than consensus guidance for FQ4 ($59.4 billion & $2.65).'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Trillion-dollar valuation soon to follow?


  1. Just imagine if Apple kept all the Macs upgraded on a yearly basis. They would have broken the trillion dollar mark long ago. With the introduction of the new MBP’s recently for the college buying season, they will reach it this year, if not sooner …

    1. The man is such an idiot. I’m surprised he has a job as an analyst if he’s consistently that far off. He’s worse than useless to any investor.

  2. I’d seen another article today saying how the FANG stocks, which somehow includes Apple, could lose a THIRD of their value. Apple hasn’t gone up like any of the FANG stocks this year and Apple’s P/E isn’t close to any of the FANG stock’s valuation, however, whenever losses are mentioned, Apple gets lumped together with the FANGs. Some of these article writers make me sick with their BS. Anyway, that going to be another damper for Apple reaching $1T upon earnings.

    I doubt regularly updated Macs will do much to push Apple to the $1T mark. I believe analysts and investors are looking for something else. Something a lot more flashy and spectacular. Apple should certainly be competing with rival computer companies with regular hardware updates and I think not doing so may hurt Mac sales to some degree.

    Maybe Apple could sell a million more Macs a year if they did regular updates. However, Apple doesn’t seem to want to compete with rival computer companies and just lets them take most of the computer market share percentage. Maybe it just isn’t worthwhile for Apple to grab a little more market share percentage. We’ll never know for sure.

    1. I did not keep a precise record. But seem to recall Apple selling more computers than PCs quarter after quarter for years.

      When and why did it stop?

      Switching gears your favorite word in the world is “FANG” stocks this and FANG stocks that. At least your consistent…

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