Plex grid view of live TV guide now available on Apple TV

“When Plex launched a live TV guide in the traditional grid format, it did so first on the web, promising that other platforms would be coming later,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “It has now made good on that promise, with Apple TV seeing the new feature today.”

“The company still believes that its Discover view and search are the best ways to see what’s on TV,” Lovejoy reports, “but it recognized that a lot of people have been wanting an olde-worlde grid view for a long time.”

Lovejoy reports, “Grid view will be coming later to Plex’s Mac and iOS apps, and at this rate it looks like we may not have much longer to wait, taking exactly a month between web and Apple TV.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s tough to teach old dogs new tricks, hence, grid view.


  1. It’s not teaching “old dogs” new tricks. I don’t want to search. Listenings should be presented to me without having to “discover” them. Don’t make me work. I also don’t care to have anything “suggested” to me based on my past viewing habits.

    Making me have to search (Discover) to find out all that’s on at a certain time is just lazy programing (not to mention flat-out stupid) by a cheap-ass service provider… designed to avoid giving the consumer what they should have provided them to begin with.

    Then there’s the likely issue of providing themselves with a false sense of techno-superiority by labeling such things as “olde-worlde”.

    “Oh, they don’t want to “Discover” what’s on? They must be technologically illiterate… or old fashioned at the very least.”

    Fuck you, assholes. I’l never use your product.

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