China’s XMotors claims employee did not pass along Apple autonomous driving trade secrets

“Chinese-owned electric vehicle firm XMotors said on Wednesday that there is no indication that ex-Apple Inc. worker Zhang Xiaolang ever communicated any sensitive information from Apple to XMotors,” Reuters reports.

“XMotors said the firm had terminated Zhang and is supporting local authorities to gather more details of the case,” Reuters reports. “It said the company was informed of the investigation in late June.”

Reuters reports, “XMotors is a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of China’s Xiaopeng Motors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pfft.

Former Apple employee charged with criminal theft of autonomous vehicle secrets – July 10, 2018


  1. I imagine how it is in the Apple Car Shop:

    Jony Ive ” Our five hundred designers have come up with the seat coverings: fine Nappa leather specially crafted by Fendi , or customers can choose Texan Nubuck in six different shades of brown or our patented bespoke Milanese gossamer fabric…”

    Worried Engineer “Sir, sir, …. it’s like five years, shouldn’t we start working on the wheels , engines , brakes, transmission and … “.

  2. Such a liar, no one should believe anything the Chinese says, they have no credibility. Apple made the 1st mistake of hiring a Chinese in their R&D, there must be a decent American who could have done the same job with better ethics and respect for intellectual property

    1. snoop dogg,

      remember this ?


      “CHINA claims to have found almost 30 surveillance bugs, including one in the headboard of the presidential bed, on a Boeing 767 that had just been delivered from America to serve as President Jiang Zemin’s official aircraft.
      The aircraft has been sitting on a military airstrip north of Beijing, unused with much of its upholstery and many of its fittings ripped out, since October when Chinese test pilots detected a strange and unfamiliar whine emanating from its body.
      A search of the twin-engined aircraft, which was manufactured and fitted out in America, yielded 27 devices, according to Chinese officials, hidden in its seats, lavatory and panelling.
      Beijing believes that the bugs were planted by the Central Intelligence Agency while the aircraft was undergoing conversion work in San Antonio, Texas.”

      1. Snoop Dogg

        Not defending the car theft guy or condemning all americans but you remember that the TWO BIGGEST thefts of Apple I.P was done by Americans?

        Bill Gates made Windows from Stolen Mac I.P
        Google boys made Android from iOS.
        Gates and Schmidt both had contracts working with Apple.
        They didn’t steal just one thing but the whole system basically.

        These Americans spawned giant corporations worth hundreds of billions from their stolen I.P. with personal wealth in the tens of billions.

        1. Indeed it is too easy to be xenophobic for the sake of it. We all have home grown spies more than happy to sell us out.

          Indeed if one wants to really go to the top Joe Kennedy when ambassador to the UK was ordered out for being a spy for the Germans. Had it not been extensively covered up its highly unlikely his sons would have been free to have the careers that they did.

      2. The Chinese should build their own airplanes for their presidential use, and not import from America or else where, because then you get the tampering situation which you describe.

        1. sort of lame excuse isn’t it?

          they bought the plane from Boeing and Americans filled it with spyware. Not only was it in bad faith, it was (like too many people) underestimating the Chinese (like they wouldn’t find the bugs?)

          LikeI said I’m NOT excusing the car theft info by the engineer but your comment here trying to excuse the bugging is kinda lame –so by YOUR STATEMENT using your logic : if Americans were to buy anything from China the Chinese CAN HAVE THE EXCUSE : WE CAN BUG THEM BECAUSE WHY DON’T YOU “BUILD YOUR OWN”, you know like iPhones, Macs, Dells, HPs, Google Phones, all the stuff in Walmart, 70% of the electronic gear in USA like switchers, keyboards etc the Chinese can put illegal stuff in them ? … etc. That’s ok ?
          ( I’m just using your own argument )

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