Can Microsoft’s new $399 ‘Surface Go’ beat Apple’s iPad?

“Of all the low-cost tablets out there, the one Microsoft is most keen for its new Surface Go to come out on top against is Apple’s iPad,” Jon Martindale writes for Digital Trends. “The 2018 Apple iPad sports what is, at this point, the classic iPad design. It looks near indiscernible from its predecessors and while that isn’t a bad thing, this does mean it sports relatively chunky bezels compared to most of its contemporaries. The Surface Go isn’t much trimmer around the edges though.”

“The software on both systems is decidedly different. Where the iPad runs Apple’s iOS platform and is limited to App Store applications, the Surface Go runs a full Windows 10 installation,” Martindale writes. “Although it defaults to Windows 10 S — thereby restricting users to Microsoft Store apps only — you can run a full Windows 10 install on there with a few clicks. That expansive support for applications outside of the Microsoft’s closed garden gives the Surface Go an advantage over the iPad in that respect. It is clear from our time with the Microsoft tablet though, that Windows 10 is still better suited to keyboard and mouse, over touch, control”

“The Apple tablet sports a 2,048 x 1,536 Retina screen that looks sharp and has good coloring. It’s not quite as black as we’d like, but for less than $350 for the base model, it’s a great looking display. The Surface Go’s has a lower resolution screen at 1,800 x 1,200 with a noticeably reduced pixel density (256 vs. 217),” Martindale writes. “Underneath their glossy surfaces, the two tablets offer quite different hardware suites… The biggest differentiator between the two is in graphics performance. While the Pentium chip does have Intel’s HD 615 graphics chip, that doesn’t give it the ability to do much beyond handle very light 3D-rendering apps like Powerpoint. While the iPad is hardly built for serious gaming, it’s much more capable of handling anything you can throw it from the App Store. The iPad is also available with full LTE connectivity.”

“Battery life is likely to be better on the Apple hardware too. Apple claims up to 10-hours of general usage for full charges and we found that played out in our testing,” Martindale writes. “The concern there, is that the Surface Go may not be able to handle a full eight-hour workday on a single charge, especially if you’re using it for slightly heavier lifting.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The answer to the headline is: No, not a chance in hell. Betteridge’s law of headlines holds fast yet again.

Apple’s iPad costs less, weighs less, offers a higher-resolution, better-looking display, a significantly longer-lasting battery, far better graphics, and the largest library of made-for-touch apps on the planet by far.


  1. The answer is a BIG NO. MS should get rid of the Surface tablet like it got rid of the Zune. From series 1 MS Surface has been loosing billions $ and suffering constant build quality and design flaw issues, with recall that is constant. They should just call it a loss and move on to something else. These Surface tablets are expensive and overall pathetic

  2. iPads can do many nice things, but being able to run a full version of Windows 10, Show me someone who wouldn’t prefer the macOS on iPads and I will show you someone who’s killer app is email and who really doesn’t need much of a computer.

    1. Show me “someone who’s killer app is email and who really doesn’t need much of a computer,” and I’ll show you 99.999% of all the people in the world 🙂

      1. “99.999% of all the people in the world”

        Pulling opinionated figures out of your arse again, got it. Not only that you have argued the iPad will replace the Mac over and over again. And now you arguing it should be dumbed down for teens on Facebook and e-mail only with a few kiddie games.

        So in your world PRO USERS do not count one atomic particle on iPads or Macs? If the answer is yes, well, you are wrong again .,,

    2. For that reason, these might be popular in industry and healthcare. The mobile versions of EMR, Epic for example, are limited. Having the desktop application on a small tablet will be very convenient.

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