More than 1 in 10 consumers want voice commands for their toilet

“Amazon’s recent launch of Echo Show and Fire TV Cube, is in clear response to our demand for voice enabled devices,” Eileen Brown reports for ZDNet. “The voice revolution currently shows no signs of slowing down.”

“According to Chicago, Il-based PR agency Walker Sands’ recently released “Future of Retail 2018″ report, 64 percent of those who own a voice-controlled device use it at least once a week and nearly one in five (18 percent) use their voice-controlled device at least three times a day,” Brown reports. “Despite the voice hype, consumers do not their devices for complex tasks. More people have used them in the past year to play a song, or to hear jokes, than to connect to their smart home (57, and 25 percent vs. 19 percent).”

“We tend to deploy voice devices in the living room (57 percent) followed by the kitchen (33 percent) and Master bedroom (27 percent). Fourteen percent of respondents have deployed voice assistants in the bathroom,” Brown reports. “13 percent of consumers wanted more voice-controlled options for hands-free commands while on the toilet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In the article, Brown writes of “Alexa, Google home, and others.” Poor Siri. Once the leader – by many years – now lumped in with the likes of Cortana.


        1. Saying “as if I could care less” is VERY different from saying, “I could care less”.

          If you meant the former, then type that. It makes sense. AS WRITTEN, your phrase means your level of caring has more below it… maybe a lot.

          And I doubt the majority of US users who say, “I could care less” are aware of how silly the sentence is. Same people who say, “Apple is going to loose market share” or “Don’t loose your cool.”

    1. The headline is just crummy grammer. People don’t want voice commands FOR their toilets, the want to able to use voice commands FROM their toilet—which makes more sense.

  1. I was just wondering how many voice commands a toilet would need:
    — Lid up!
    — Flush!
    — Stop flushing!
    — Jiggle the handle!
    — Emergency shutoff!
    — Unstop yourself!
    — Ew, clean the bowl!

    There may be others.

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