Images of Apple’s next-gen iPhone 18W USB-C fast charger leak

“Right now, the cable that comes with a new iPhone does not plug into a new MacBook Pro without a dongle. #donglelife is for real,” Matt Burns writes for TechCrunch. “If this leak is correct, though, that wrong might soon be righted.”

“Photos have surfaced showing what is an engineering prototype of an Apple 18 W USB-C charger, which is supposedly [sic] to be bundled with the next iPhone,” Burns writes. “If correct, this will let owners take advantage of the iPhone’s fast charging capabilities without purchasing anything else.”

“Plus,” Burns writes, “it will let users connect the iPhone to a MacBook Pro out of the box.”

Rumored Apple 18 W USB-C charger
Rumored Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, it looks Apple-ly enough. What do you think?


          1. Except ‘supposedly’ expresses or infers doubt or skepticism, whereas ‘supposed to be’ posits more exactitude and infers the reader knows, with more precision, what is real.
            In which case ‘supposedly’ would be correct since we have no idea what the product is outside of rumours.

            1. Exactly!
              The original author intentionally and correctly inserted the word “supposedly” as an adverb modifying “to be bundled” to indicate that the event may or may not happen.
              The editing mark is not warranted. In fact, changing it to “supposed to be bundled” would be incorrect, as it would imply certainty the author does not possess.

  1. Yeah it looks genuine enough.

    I don’t know though. I’m guessing this will be used with a Lightning to USB-C lead, but it does make you think. Will iPhone get USB 3? Although that would be convenient for the world I thought we on this site were thinking the Lightning port would disappear and we would wireless charge only.

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