The absolute best smartphone you can buy right now: Apple’s incomparable iPhone X

“Apple’s latest iPhone isn’t just the most interesting iPhone in years, but it’s easily the best smartphone ever made,” Dan Seifert writes for The Verge. “The iPhone X has almost everything you could think to ask for in a smartphone: blazing-fast performance, a gorgeous display, top-of-the-class cameras, loud, clear speakers, reliable battery life, and a head-turning design. In addition, the X is water resistant and can be recharged with a wireless pad.”

“Apple’s extensive support system, through both its own and carrier stores, is another incredibly important point in the iPhone’s favor. There’s simply no other company that provides as much support for a smartphone after you purchase it,” Seifert writes. “On top of that, since it’s an iPhone, the iPhone X enjoys the broadest support of accessories and cases.”

MacDailyNews Take: And the best apps. Don’t forget the apps. iPhone apps are not warmed-over ports. Most apps are developed first for, and are better on, Apple’s iOS.

Apple's flagship iPhone X
Apple’s flagship iPhone X

“The iPhone X separates itself from Apple’s other iPhones with its larger, crisper, edge-to-edge display, novel face-unlocking feature, and new gesture-based user interface,” Seifert writes. “It’s a different experience than other iPhones, and though it may take a day or two to get used to, it’s very intuitive once you do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, you’ll quickly realize the antiquated Home button must go, as it interupts the flow of iOS with staccato virtually everywhere. iOS is much better, faster, and more fluid on an iPhone X! Come on, Home button-free iPad Pros!


    1. Ah, but you can buy a used/refurb on for about $900.

      My guess is by the end of the year, the iPhone X will drop to $750 as new models arrive. That’s a good discount.

  1. Next comes an iPhone XI/XI Plus that can not only recognise your face, but also smile and wink back at you, because it knows it’s not JUST a phone, but the most personal, powerful and secure super computer in your pocket!

    When I say “smile and wink back at you”, that is Steve Jobs, still continuing our incredible journey with us!!

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