Bugs plague Google Home and Chromecast devices worldwide

“If you’ve woken up to find your Google Home device isn’t working properly, then you’re not alone — users are being prevented from interacting with their Google-based smart devices, and no amount of resetting and tinkering with options is fixing the problem,” Mark Jansen reports for Digital Trends.

“The problem seemingly began a few hours ago and stops the user from completing any interaction with the device,” Jansen reports. “According to a thread on the r/GoogleHome subreddit, Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Chromecast devices are affected, and the issues seem to extend worldwide, with problems having been reported in the United States, Brazil, and Indonesia, as well as other countries.”

“It’s pretty obvious if any of your devices are suffering from the problem. If using a Google Home, ‘Hey, Google’ commands are being followed by messages that the Home device is not yet set up, that a problem has been encountered, or a glitch occurred. If you’re using a Chromecast, you may find that it can no longer be found for streaming — as per numerous early complaints — or that it simply refuses to boot up,” Jansen reports. “The fact that the issue is worldwide and not linked to a specific region implies that something’s gone wrong on Google’s end.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The command to invoke Google’s bug-infested crap ought to be, “Hey, track me!”

Shoulda bought Apple HomePod and Apple TV devices.


      1. It has happened to Apple. iMessage outages, for example. No company is immune to large scale interruptions of cloud-based services, whether from hacking or equipment failure or software bugs or human error, such as improperly configuring an update.

        I am an Apple advocate and supporter. But I have no illusions that the company is infallible.

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