Video: Hands on with over 50 new macOS Mojave changes and features

“Over the last week we’ve spent time exploring macOS 10.14 Mojave and comparing it with macOS 10.13 High Sierra in order to see what’s changed,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac. “Have a look at our hands-on video as we walk through over 50 new changes and features that are headed to the Mac.”

Changes covered in this video include:

• Updated Lock screen
• Dark Mode
• Dynamic Desktop
• New wallpaper
• New Screen shot controls
• Enhanced App Permissions
• New apps
– Apple News
– Stocks
– Home
– Voice Memos
– Mac App Store (complete redesign)

And much more:

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: We imagine a good number of Mac users will be working exclusively in Dark Mode.


  1. Dark mode, as is usually the case when tried, sucks for many apps. I know that I turned it off after about 30 minutes.
    I want to love it. I want to use it. But unless apps all make concessions to this and work around the awful readability, it won’t be as popular for the general user as they might want.
    If you’re a person working in a couple audio/video/photo apps during the day it might work. If you use a ton of apps, I reckon you’ll have it off before too long.
    Based off of first beta of course – things could improve.

  2. No Stationary in Mail
    No Jabber in Messages
    No Window: File Transfer
    No Go To Chatroom
    -> Seriously? Gone?

    Black on Black Users & Groups button
    -> Seriously? Kindergartners know not to do that. Sadly, not a new problem since Apple started DARKening things in Sierra.

    ‘New’ Siri Irish and South African voices?
    -> NO! I’ve got both right now on 10.12 Sierra! (So, by not using High Sierra I missed out on NOT having the Irish and South African voices? Darn!)

    Lots of new Finder embedded features. That always scares me. It’s more ways for the Finder to screw up or bomb. And it does. Fingers crossed they do it right.

    **Thinking good thoughts**Thinking good thoughts**
    . . .

  3. Apple should get rid of the “cage” around all the apps in the dock. Tiger (OS 10.4) got rid of the ridiculous, insulting cage, and Jonny Ives — he’s a genius with hardware, but a dunce with software — put the cage back in.

    The dock that debuted with Tiger (10.4) was a thing of beauty. Apple should bring back the “look and feel” of Snow Leopard (10.6), EVERYONE’s favorite Mac OS (why has Apple demoted the Mac’s OS to “macOS’?). Remember that Ford finally brought back the Thunderbird way too late, and it bombed. And Gibson almost did the same with the sunburst Les Paul guitar.

    Apple, LISTEN to your Mac users!

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