macOS Mojave’s dark mode shows just how much Windows 10’s dark mode sucks

“Windows 10 has had a dark mode since the Anniversary Update was released in 2016,” Zac Bowden writes for iMore. “Apple’s macOS is only just adding such a feature, but the company seems to have nailed it on the first go. ”

“The first developer preview of macOS Mojave has a dark mode that’s super consistent across inbox apps, using the same shade of dark and being applied basically everywhere,” Bowden writes. “It’s been two years since Windows 10 got its own dark mode, and things aren’t as peachy. ”

“Unlike the new dark mode on macOS, Windows 10’s dark mode is inconsistent across all the areas that it is applied. It’s also not even fully universal, with a couple of inbox apps not switching to dark mode by default or not supporting it at all,” Bowden writes. “For example, switching to dark mode in the Settings app on Windows 10 will make all the inbox apps switch to it … except for Edge. Microsoft Edge, for some reason, has its own theming switch that doesn’t listen to the system option.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft? Inconsistent and haphazard? Gasp!


    1. I’m glad that Apple did a good job with this; however, I wish they would have instead used the resources to establish parity with Window’s file explorer or task bar…

  1. The MDN narrative, as always, is that now Apple has finally copied features that other companies implemented years ago, it is more refined and we should all rejoice.

    After spending the last 5 days diagnosing a failed Mac High Sierra update that royally borked my Mac, I am not interested in the new window dressing and pretty automated folders Apple thinks will be so nifty. I want a more solid Mac OS that tells the user what it is doing, has a real built in help menu, and proper tools instead of dumbed down iOS derivative apps. Can you do that, Apple?????

    1. You have a point, I spent the past 6 months without the latest Mac OS update, I finally figured out to free up some hard drive space and install the update through recovery mode. I don’t consider myself especially tech savvy, but 90% of users would have just given up.

      Unfortunately the update didn’t fix a Safari problem that causes my fans to max out and battery life to drop to 1-2 hours with a single tab open. I don’t have the patience to troubleshoot it any more than I have so I’m using the Brave browser instead with no issues. Maybe Mojave will fix it.

      As far as Finder, my biggest gripe was the removal several years ago of the coverflow view option when adding email attachments (coverflow is still visible when you simply open Finder). This has made finding and attaching documents a much more clunky and time consuming process. Maybe the new Finder in Mojave will improve this idiocy but why did it have to get broken in the first place?

      At this point I am not anticipating new features, just hoping for stability, old features that were removed and some semblance of “it just works”. Switching from Windows to Mac in the days of Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion’s speed and stability set high expectations.

  2. Windows 10’s accessibility shows just how much macOS’s sucks. Yeah, a little-used feature against another, that’s where companies who are starting to care shine through.

    Devin Prater Assistive Technology Instructor certified by World Services for the Blind JAWS certified


    1. Yes, but iOS accessibility can’t be beat.

      Not a prattler about Assistive Technology certified by Me World Services for the sighted OBAMA certified.

  3. Everyone wants to set up their Mac differently to use different apps, different utilities and different methods of organizing files.

    I am not alone in NOT using many features in Mac OS. I would prefer if I could just turn them off as I either don’t like them or don’t use them. Emojis in iOS have no place in my work as an example outside of Mac OS.

    Some utilities are in that category, like the Finder. I simply do not use the Finder, as Path Finder is so much more easy to use in manipulating files on multiple partitions/HDs.

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