Will Apple TV kill the cable box?

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Cable companies are finally abandoning their stodgy old set-top boxes, and are finally ready to deliver television service through modern media streamers such as Apple TV,” Jared Newman writes for TechHive.

“That’s the argument Apple put forth this week during its Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company announced that Charter Spectrum will deliver an Apple TV app later this year, complete with Siri integration and TV app support,” Newman writes. “‘[The] typical cable box is becoming a thing of the past as these companies embrace internet-based delivery,’ Jen Folse, Apple TV’s lead designer, said. ‘And many of them share our vision of Apple TV as the one device for live, on-demand, and cloud DVR content.'”

“Though I’d like to believe that’s true, the past couple years have shown that cable companies have little desire to kill the cable box, at least in the United States. The revenue streams are too lucrative and the desire to control customers is too strong, and the Apple TV isn’t doing much to change the status quo,” Newman writes. “”

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MacDailyNews Take: What a mess!

Bottom line: We just want it simpler to watch what we want for less by not subsidizing all matter of uninteresting dreck.


  1. Doubts are highly unlikely so that’s a no, but it does give yet another nice promotion of what has become one of Apple’s home country’s favorite pastime, killing.

  2. No. Purely because paying for content from all the various other providers is more expensive than cable/satellite ever was, plus with houses having multiple screens large portions of the public don’t have the bandwidth.

  3. I’m fine with this, but Apple should buy Tivo so they can incorporate the patented features they offer. Like having several tuners (feeds) all with a 30 minute history. I have cut the cord and switch between DirecTV NOW and Hulu. Neither is as easy to get around as a Tivo!

  4. Last year a friend got a free AppleTV with a skinny bundle introductory promo. A few months later she cheerfully returned her cable box. Monthly savings = $80 or so.

  5. Roku and AppleTV are merely streamers with no recording capabilities whatsover. When I cut the cable I purchased, to connect to my antenna, a ChannelMaster DVR with 1-Tb of memory and I added a 3-Tb external harddrive. Now I have hours and hours of recordings from local stations in HD yet to watch. If the folks at ChannelMaster were smart they’d buy Roku and build it into their DVR (since it’s already connected to the Internet) and thus cover more of the bases.

  6. 3 Apple TV 4K’s – two courtesy of DirecTV Now. No cable boxes. Cloud DVR. The only question is it DirecTV Now, Playstation View or YouTube TV? I’ve experimented with all 3 and think its currently PlayStation Vue. Good day, good riddance Verizon FiOS – what a lousy experience you provided. If I never give you another dime again, that will be too soon.

  7. Cable companies see writing on wall. It’s like landlines. ATT gladly gave up it’s monopoly on telephone poles because it is so expensive to maintain and local service was saturated with zero upside. Cable companies think they should be broadband providers

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