Why Apple offered up new hardware at Apple’s WWDC 2018

“Back in the day, Apple would preview the next iteration of the iPhone or other new gadgets at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC),” Eric Johnson writes for Recode. “But at this year’s event, as has been the case for most of the past decade, the company was only talking about software.”

“Last year was the exception that proved the rule: Apple gave WWDC attendees a preview of the HomePod, its smart speaker aimed at competing with Amazon’s Echo product line and the Google Home speakers. The speaker’s release was eventually delayed into 2018, but even before that setback, the HomePod was slated for a far-off date,” Johnson writes. “‘It’s always great when Apple says, ‘Here’s something you didn’t know you needed, and we’ve made it, and it’s awesome, and you can use it today,” [Recode’s editor in chief Dan] Frommer said. ‘Or, ‘You can go out and buy it right now.’ It’s harder to do now, especially with phones, where they have to get FCC approval. The HomePod last year was super disappointing because [they said] ‘Here it is! Oh, and you can buy it in … six months.””

“On the new podcast, Frommer also talked about the two products at WWDC 2018 that most interested him: Apple’s virtual assistant Siri and its augmented reality platform ARKit,” Johnson writes. “‘I think they’re the clear leader in AR, among the major platforms, and I think it would be foolish to count Siri out,’ he said, referring to Amazon’s assistant Alexa and the Google Assistant. ‘I don’t think there’s a 90 percent market-share winner here.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Because WWDC is a software developers’ conference.


  1. I think they need to stop talking about products ahead of time. Each time they do they look like fools! HomePod was late, we are still waiting on the charging pad. Wait till it’s ready! But I do like the one more thing…. moments and they need more of those surprises like going 64-bit arm, etc.

      1. Hmm, wasn’t he forced to because the FCC would make the iPhone information public?

        He wanted to get ahead of the FCC doing this so the leak wouldn’t ruin the surprise he had in store for the public.

        And boy let me tell you, that was one device I’m sure glad he told us about. Forever changed the world.

        1. Thanks for that follow up.

          Many a time when someone will come up with a, “Didn’t jobs do this….or that?”, usually they leave out critical info like the type you just highlighted.

  2. MDM take: Because WWDC is a software developers’ conference.

    You’re right. Animoji and Memoji (don’t know if that is spelled right) are far important to developers than great new hardware.

  3. Was it just me or did it seem like this last WWDC was a bore fest. I mean even the new software is kind of lame.

    iOS 12 has been the first iOS version that I honestly am like whatever on. Im excited about the multiple FaceTime but that’s about it. With Mojave, I just want dark mode. Out side of those 2 features there’s really nothing else that gets me.

  4. The only thing that excited me was third party map apps for CarPlay (not that I care, I love Apple Maps – I just thought it might stop the whining by some and give more users a reason to switch).

    I would love to see more Apple Maps development with CarPlay, like displaying the song information or radio info while navigation is on. I would love it if they could add two buttons to indicate an accident or cough, cough, police presence. I wish the album art displayed clearly and not washed out when listening to music too.

    I liked the watchOS being able to see more content with emails except my original Apple Watch won’t be supported.

    And nothing really did it for me on the Mac side except Stacks will keep my desktop cleaner and the new Finder options will be a little more convenient (I wish you could print a doc without having to open it). Continuity with snapping photos is cool – I’ve had to do that manually a few times.

    Next year’s OS with greater support for iOS apps to transition to the Mac will be a huge deal. It opens up a lot of doors to increase Mac adoption.

    1. The only new announcement about Macs by Apple at WWDC is that there is a Mac model freeze for the next 5 years (at same or higher prices) so they can concentrated on more unnecessary time wasting technology for the iPhone.

      Just kidding. (But barely.)

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