Apple’s plans to bring artificial intelligence to your iPhone and iPad

“Apple describes its mobile devices as designed in California and assembled in China,” Tom Simonite writes for Wired. “You could also say they were made by the App Store, launched a decade ago next month, a year after the first iPhone.”

“Inviting outsiders to craft useful, entertaining, or even peurile extensions to the iPhone’s capabilities transformed the device into the era-defining franchise that enabled Uber and Snapchat. Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software, is tasked with keeping that wellspring of new ideas flowing. One of his main strategies is to get more app developers to use artificial intelligence tools such as recognizing objects in front of an iPhone’s camera. The hope is that will spawn a new generation of ideas from Apple’s ecosystem of outsourced innovation,” Simonite writes. “‘We have such a vibrant community of developers,’ Federighi says. ‘We saw that if we could give them a big leg up toward incorporating machine learning into their apps they would do some really interesting things.'”

“At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Federighi revealed the next phase of his plan to enliven the app store with AI,” Simonite writes. “It’s a tool called Create ML that’s something like a set of training wheels for building machine learning models in the first place… Federighi says Create ML has already proved that it’s ready to help companies improve their apps with machine learning. He points to Memrise, a startup with a popular language-learning app. With the help of Create ML the company added a feature that lets users point their phone at an object to learn its name in different languages.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: These are heady times. Anybody who says WWDC 2018 was “boring” has no idea what they’re talking about. Apple’s Create ML will spur widespread use of machine learning to do things we haven’t even thought of, yet!


    1. You’d think a blind person would appreciate being able to have their device speak out whatever the camera sees, and say it in multiple languages as well.

      I guess some blind people just cannot see. Such a shame and so short sighted, Devin. I wish I could unsee your comment, but it is burned into my retinas as you being blinded by the blinding obvious.

    2. Devin, I can appreciate you don’t see things the way sighted people do, but why are you both blind and bland? Are you blonde, too? Or is your comment just a blunder? Does it blend?

  1. I like the prospects of Apple’s ML. But we’re going to have to see it tested on the road. I see it as a step toward something with actual intelligence, as opposed to rifling through databases, which is what we still have at the moment.

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