MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote address

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will kick off the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference with a keynote address today, June 4th, at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

The WWDC 2018 keynote address will be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California as Apple’s renowned developer community comes together to learn about the future of macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Apple today will stream the company’s WWDC Keynote live via Safari browser and Apple TV. This stream will be best experienced on a Mac using Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or later; an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Safari on iOS 10 or later; or a crappy PC trying to run Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Apple TV’s “Apple Event” app will stream the event live. Streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay requires an Apple TV (2nd generation or later) with the latest Apple TV software or tvOS. Other platforms may also be able to access the stream using recent versions of Chrome or Firefox (MSE, H.264, and AAC required).

The big event starts today at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT here: Open it in one browser tab or window and this MacDailyNews page in another to comment on the proceedings in real-time.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s keynote on this page. We’ll see you back here just before 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

Live notes from Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote address in reverse chronological order:

• AAPL: $191.93, +1.69 (+0.89%) @ 3:16PM EDT

• End of keynote
• Cook thanks Apple employees and their families
• Cook to developers: On behalf of Apple, thank you.
• Tim Cook recaps and plays a video celebrating developers (music mix is a bit too hot making it difficult to hear the nat sound in the video)

• AAPL: $191.9549, +1.7149 (+0.90%) @ 3:10PM EDT

• AFPF now supports Fusion drives in Mojave
• Apple News, Stocks are examples
• Coming to developers in 2019. iOS apps can come to the Mac
• This year in Mac OS, Apple has taken some of their own iOS apps to the Mac to test out the concept
• Apple has taken from key frameworks fro iOS and brought them to the Mac
• From day one, macOS and iOS have shared a core codebase
• Sneak Peek of a multi-year effort at Apple
Federighi: No, we are not merging macOS and iOS.

• Developers don’t need to be experts to machine learning to add it to their apps
• Core ML 2: 30% faster in on-device processing
• Machine Learning: Create ML offers vision and natural language, custom data, built in Swift
• Federighi talks Metal and eGPUs

• BBEdit, Adobe, Panic apps coming to Mac App Store
• Microsoft will bring Office 365 to Mac App Store
• Ratings and Reviews are now front and center
• Video previews come to Mac App Store
• New tabs: Create, Work, Play, Develop
• New Discover tab highlights great Mac apps
• Mac App Store all-new from the ground up. Totally redesigned

• Fingerprinting: Your device can be tracked by webpages. Safari in Mojave and iOS 12 will stop providing the type of data that data companies use to fingerprint you
• Safari: Will stop like buttons and comment fields from tracking you on Mac and you can decide whether to grant access or not
• Greater protections for how your devices can access your private data. Now include your camera, microphone, etc. by default
• Federighi : We believe your private data should remain private

• And, Home comes to the Mac! You can run scenes, monitor video cameras, command home via Siri, etc.
• Voice Memos also comes to Mac
• Stocks app comes to the Mac, too
• Apple News comes to the Mac with macOS Mojave
• You can scan a document using your iPhone via your Mac
• Continuity Camera: Take a photo using your iPhone via your Mac
• In Mojave, Screenshots get much more powerful. Markup integration; screen recording
• Mark Up integrated into Quicklook. Works for many file types. No need to open apps -you can do it in Quicklook
• Can also add custom Automator actions to Quick Actions in Finder
• Quick Actions let you act on files in the finder (edit photos, etc.) – it’s contextual depending in the file format
• Finder gets a new view: Gallery View: large preview on top with thumbnails below; sidebar supports full metadata (excellent for photos)
• Mojave debuts Desktop Stacks: All of the contents of your desktop can be automatically arranged and organized into scrubbable stacks
• Dynamic Desktop: you desktop subtly changes throughout the day from morning to afternoon to night
• Xcode looks great in Dark Mode
• Calendar and Mail look great in Dark Mode; even iTunes looks great
• Dark Mode is great for pros; it makes photographic content pop off the interface
• macOS gets a distinctive new feature: Dark Mode
macOS 10.14 to be named macOS Mojave
• Federighi retakes stage

• Cook: Next version of macOS is chock-filled with new feature inspired by pros but useful by everyone
• Mac: “We love the Mac.”
• Cook retakes stage

• New Apple TV 4K HDR screensaver: Earth as filmed by astronauts from ISS
• Screensavers with tell you location with CG – just swipe on the Siri Remote
• Single Sign-on becomes Zero Sign-on: Now, if you’re on your TV providers broadband network, you’re automatically signed on (Charter Spectrum is the first participant)
• CANAL+, Salt, Charter Spectrum work with Apple TV 4K as the box – up to 50 million homes will be able to use Apple TV to access all of their channels
• Over 100 video channels now covered in Apple’s TV app
• This fall, iTunes will offer the largest collection of DOLBY ATMOS; previous purchases will be upgraded for free
• All you need is an Apple TV 4K and a DOLBY ATMOS sound bar
• tvOS: Apple TV 4K gets DOLBY ATMOS
• iTunes offers the largest collection of 4K HDR movies
• Apple TV: 50% YOY growth since Apple TV 4K debuted
• Cook retakes stage

• All-new “Pride edition” Watch band along with a new Watch face – available today
• Many more features coming, including Student ID cards – coming to Apple Wallet for iPhone and Apple Watch – for select universities, coming to more over time
• Notifications from apps are grouped together
• watchOS 5 GymKit demo while riding exercise bike
• watchOS 5 delivers Apple Podcasts app: Auto-synced to Watch or you can ask Siri to play any podcast (synced across all your devices)
• Can view Web content in Mail and Messages and can see content formatted for small screen (WebKit on watchOS)
• Interactive Notifications
• Now, with watchOS 5, you just raise your wrist and talk to Siri. No more “Hey Siri.”
• Siri watch face gets new content (live sports scores, heart rate, commute suggestions, Siri Shortcuts appear when you typically perform these actions, and third-party app integration)
• You can speak via Walkie Talkie whenever you like – Watch-to-Watch connections work over Cellular and Wi-Fi
• watchOS 5 delivers Walkie Talkie a new app that works like a walkie talkie
• Watch will detect stopping workout and suggest you stop the workout
• Apple Watch offers new Automatic Workout Detection
• New Workout types: Yoga, Hiking, Outdoor Run (gets rolling mile pace and custom pace alert and CADENCE!)
• watchOS 5: You can challenge those with whom you share activity to challenges (à la FitBit)
• Activity rings data is accurate
• Health and fitness: Apple Watch offers very accurate data
• Apple Watch chief Kevin Lynch takes stage to talk watchOS 5
• watchOS 5 announced
• Cook recounts example of Apple Watch saving a life (there are many)
• Apple Watch grew 60% last year
• Apple Watch: #1 in customer satisfaction for every year since 2015
• Cook retakes stage: watchOS

• FaceTime gets much more useful – also works with Mac and in audio on Apple Watch
• FaceTime demo: When participants speak, their video becomes larger. You can also tap on participants to make they more prominent on display
• FaceTime now integrated into Messages
• FaceTime gets a big leap forward: Group FaceTime: Up to 32 simultaneous participants
• Can use Memoji in Messages
• Apple announces: Memoji. Create your very own personalized Animoji (reminiscent of Nintendo Mii avatar creation)
• New Animoji: Ghost, Kolal, Tiger, and T-rex
• Animoji get Tongue Detection!

• AAPL: $192.2789, +2.0389 (+1.07%) @ 1:52PM EDT.

• For Kids, parents get reports on kids use of devices and can set Allowances: Downtime, set a schedule; set limits for app use; limit access to apps; uses family sharing
• App Limits: You can set your own limit for apps with which you’re spending too much time
• New iOS feature: Screen Time: You get a weekly report fo your past week’s activity so you can see where you’re wasting time
• iOS 12 supports Grouped Notifications: Grouped by app and also by topic
• Instant tuning for Notifications.
• When you press Do Not Disturb, you can now set an ending time! Yay! Finally!
• Do Not Disturb during bedtime. In the morning, it will ease you into your day.
• Federighi: Devices can distract. Appel announcing a comprehensive set of built-in features to combat phone addiction

• Next-gen CarPlay gets third party navigation app support (Waze, Google Maps, etc.)
• With iOS 12, all-new Apple Books. No more “iBooks.” With a new Books Store.
• Voice Memos completely rebuilt and comes to iPad for the first time
• With iOS 12, Stocks app comes to iPad, too
• Stocks now includes after hours pricing
• Apple’s Stocks app completely rebuilt, new design: Apple News comes to Stocks app – business news
• Apple News comes with new Browse tab and, on iPad, gets a new sidebar for easier, faster navigation

• See also: Apple acquires Workflow and its amazing app – March 23, 2017
• Users can create their own Siri Shortcuts with Shortcuts app: scripting via simple drag and drop steps to create commonly used actions (AppleScript lives!)
• Siri will be able to suggest many more helpful items
• With millions of apps, there are myriad possibilities with Siri Shortcuts
• iOS 12 Siri: Shortcuts. Any app can expose actions to Siri

• When you share, the receiver’s device suggests sharing their photos of the same event back to you
• In Photos, Sharing suggestions come to new For You section
• New Tab in Photos: For You (featured photos, effects suggestions, shared album activity)
• Photos indexes over 4 million types of events by time and place
• In Photos, Search suggestions starts working for you before you even begin to search
• Federighi: Photos is getting even better – starts with Search

• Can save entire world into physical set and be able to pick up where play left off
• Lego app combines the physical with the virtual – can add characters, have adventures, see inside buildings, put out virtual fires with virtual firetrucks, etc.
• With ARKit, you can build things beyond the physical
• Lego has worked with Apple using ARKit 2: Live demo
• Apple announces ARKit 2 – improved face tracking, 3D object detection, persistence, realistic rendering, shared experiences (multi-user AR)
• ARKit opens up the world of AR to hundreds of millions of users

• USDZ in Safari – configure a guitar (Fender) in AR in real space
• USDZ in an Apple News article – fully interactive 3D imagery
• Very quick, accurate measurements
• Apple introducing a new app “Measure” – for accurate measurement via AR (all makers of AR tape measure apps heave a collective sigh)
• Hair Force One retakes stage

• Adobe to release brand new creative application focused on AR creation
• Adobe CTO Abhay Paranic takes stage to talk AR and USDZ (Adobe Creative Cloud to get native USDZ support)
• Apple working with leading companies, like Adobe, to incorporate USDZ support
• USDZ new file format for AR
• AR is transformational technology

• When device is under load, processor ramps up instantly in iOS 12
• Share sheet 2X as fast in iOS 12 vs. iOS 11
• iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 12 – 40-70% faster is certain common operations
• iOS 12 will be available on all the same devices as iOS 11 – the largest base ever supported by an Apple release
• For iOS 12 Apple is doubling down on performance
• Customer sat for iOS 11 at 95%
• 81% of over 1 billion active iOS devices are running the latest release (Android 6%)
• iOS 11 supports devices introduced as far back as 2013
• iOS pioneered free updates
• Craig Federighi takes stage to talk iOS 12

• AAPL: $192.953, 5+2.7135 (+1.43%) @ 1:10PM EDT

• Cook: Today is all about software
• Cook: We aim to put the customer at the center of everything
• Cook: Learning to code has so many benefits; everyone should learn to code
• Over 350,000 apps have been written in Swift on the App Store
• Cook highlights Swift and Swift Playgrounds

• $100 billion paid out in total to developers as of this month
• App Store is world’s largest app marketplace with over 500 million weekly visitors
• Next month Apple’s App Store turns 10
• Over 20 million Apple devs worldwide – another record
• Devs from record 77 countries
• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage, yells “Good morning!”
• This video could have used a bit of judicious editing for length
• The Beard!
• Jim Dalrymple cameo!
• Video welcoming devs to WWDC 2018: Wildlife video motif (We miss Marlin Perkins.)

• AAPL: $192.82, +2.58 (+1.36%) @ 12:59PM EDT
• AAPL: $192.86, +2.62 (+1.38%) @ 12:49PM EDT
• AAPL: $192.39, +2.16 (+1.13%) @ 11:50AM EDT


  1. Wow..when did apple get so freaking boring?? We been able to AR measure objects for over a year already–Really Craig? how is that worthy of a whole iOS12 segment?

  2. BIG YAWN, we can get Animoji Tongue Detection, but Apple can’t spend 5 minutes to update product hardware lines. I thought Apple was a hardware company?

  3. You can literally walk away from the livestream 5 minute swaths at time (get a coffee, go to the bathroom, eat lunch) and not miss a THING. This keynote is SO bad. Apple is officially in maintain mode. This is sad.

  4. WHERE IS THE NEW HARDWARE COOK? My god, does this man even know that Apple makes the Mac? Does he think that they have all been discontinued?

    This is truly an embarrassing keynote.

  5. I have used Macs since 1988 and use Apple products exclusively. That is 30 years. I stuck with them in the mid-1990s when things looked pretty bad. But now, Apple under Tim Cook has been pushing me away for the past several years.

    I am still exclusive to Apple, but I can see that era ending soon. I do not care about mobile devices, so I would like to see some amount of effort going into macOS and laptop/desktop computers. What I see is Tim Cook doing the least possible on those devices because “why would anyone need a laptop if they can have an iPad instead.” Ugh.

    I will need a new laptop in the next couple of years. If Apple continues on their current path, I will most likely become a Linux guy.

  6. Cook: Next version of macOS is chock-filled with new feature inspired by pros but useful by everyone

    Uh Timmy, the pros all left since it has been FOUR FRICK’EN YEARS since you upgraded the Mac Pro. FFS, FIRE Tim Cook!!

  7. Well that was a bore-a-thon.

    Apple pencil still doesn’t integrate with all the core apps like Pages etc.

    Who gives a rat’s ass about VR – how about the basics first.

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