Apple releases macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 with Messages in iCloud

Apple today released macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 Update which improves the stability, performance, and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all users.

This update adds support for Messages in iCloud, which lets you store messages with their attachments in iCloud and free up space on your Mac. To enable Messages in iCloud, go to Preferences in Messages, click Accounts, then select ”Enable Messages in iCloud.”

Enterprise content:
• Variables used in SCEP payloads now expand properly.
• Configuration profiles containing a Wi-Fi payload and SCEP payload install as expected when the KeyIsExtractable key of the SCEP payload is set to false.

See Apple Security Updates for detailed information about the security content of this update.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s snappy! And, Messages in iCloud works like a charm!


  1. Thanx., havent and wont upgrade till APFS ( Apple Phabulous File System )support for fusion drive is there.

    How long has that been now ? …..

    And Craig says “….. soon… soon … ” ??? 😬

    1. Delete on the watch was the one device I was looking forward too it working on. They need to remove the “mirror my iPhone” wording for the watch if it doesn’t really mirror

  2. Well, Just confirmed with Apple Support after speaking with them on the phone that Apple Watch is not supporting iCloud Messaging for delete. All products updated and found that although messages sync between AW Series 3, iPhone X, MacBook Pro when it comes to delete function messages do not delete off AW. I thought they would. Disappointing…. Others may have understood this but there are articles out that suggest otherwise.. Apple says no.

  3. Apple screwed my pooch when high sierra pulled bonjour support for messages. Had 30 people using for for zero setup office communications. Simple program built into operating system; zero maintenance. Now I have to run around managing accounts and third party app installation.

  4. As big as they are. I don’t think they can find enough Software Engineers. All the poaching between company’s. I think it’s why they are having trouble with meeting deadlines. Cutting products. JMHO

    1. They could find as many engineers as they want with one simple solution: pay them noticeably more money than competitors.
      I always find it fascinating when supposed capitalists say “We just can’t find enough supply of X” while there are multiple companies all purchasing X. What they really mean is “Despite my supposed belief in the ‘invisible hand’, I don’t want to pay enough to beat out my competitors to BUY X.”

      Disclaimer: I think capitalism is at best an economic tool that should be treated as extremely dangerous, and at worst is a system for consolidating wealth into increasingly unworthy hands. But, I should point out that my above example shows that evens its professed cultists apparently don’t really believe in it.

  5. Here’s an odd one. After I upgraded, three of my keyboard keys (most seriously the 2) stopped registering presses. Anybody hear of this problem? My guess is that the new version tightened the tolerances for slightly-off key signals somehow.

  6. … 1 TB drive on my COMPUTER and 5 GB on the cloud. I’m old enough to remember hard drives at a mere 5 MB! Even my laptop has 400 GB FREE space. Why would I want to store tiny messages in the tiny cloud? Back when 5 MB cost as much as an entry-level computer, such access was a dream. Today?
    Not. So. Much.

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