Apple might equip all of next year’s iPhone models with OLED displays

“Apple could complete its transition to OLED next year, as a new report claims that all three 2019 iPhones will adopt the screen tech,” Carly Page writes for The Inquirer.

“While this year we’re expecting to see two new OLED-equipped iPhones alongside a ‘cheap’ LCD model, South Korea’s ET News reports that Apple will transition to an all-OLED line-up next year,” Page writes. “Citing industry sources, the website reports that Apple will debut three new iPhones in 2019, all of which will follow the iPhone X in sporting an OLED display. However, it notes that if Apple releases a fourth iPhone in 2019, that model will likely stick with an LCD screen. ”

“While the move is far from official, it appears the financial markets are taking this specific rumour pretty seriously,” Page writes. “ Reuters reports that shares of Japan Display, who currently supplies LCD displays for Apple’s iPhones, fell as much as 20 per cent following the news, while in Sharp also fell four per cent. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If OLED is Apple’s gaol for 2019, it would make sense to have all iPhone models moved to the technology by then.


  1. Whether Apple uses OLED display for all its phone is yet to be seen, however Japanese high Tech companies should produce and supply OLED screens to Apple and not give away all the profits to Samsung

  2. I rather presumed that would be the case, indeed to such an extent that in the other story here I was presuming they were actually referring to this year, which would have been a surprise worthy of news, though hinted at in a different report I believe rightly or wrongly.

    1. Many people think that the stock market reflects current business conditions, if they bother to consider the stock market at all. In truth, the stock market is almost entirely fixated on the future. Past and even present performance is (theoretically) already boiled into the stock – the return on investment (ROI) depends on what is going to happen in the future. That is why rumors can affect stocks in such a major and immediate way.

      What trend is the economy, in general, going to follow over the next three to five years?

      What are the potential uncertainties? War…civil unrest…trade wars…energy shortages…natural disasters…inflation…etc.

      How is company “X,” in particular, expected to fare in the coming years based on the above considerations, as well as its own internal factors – management, market niche, suppliers, materials, financial status, free cash flow, short and long term debt, etc. All other things being equal, is this company a winner?

      Then there are the manipulators, to whom market volatility and stock churn represent wealth and prosperity, when properly manipulated.

      And, finally, there are the illogical, emotional factors – groupthink, rumors and FUD, human psychology, growth chasers and momentum players, chartists, etc. All of these factors and more are the tools of the manipulators.

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