A look at Apple’s secretive strategies set to unfold at WWDC 2018

“WWDC has always sought to offer Apple’s third party developers deeper insight into the company’s overall strategic directions for its software platforms, largely with the purpose of convincing them to invest their time and effort into building apps on top,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “At the same time, WWDC has also debuted new hardware introductions and refreshes, such as last year’s iMac Pro and the new HomePod. The latter had very little apparent relevance for third party development. However, there are previous examples of Apple outlining the beginnings of a strategy at WWDC that didn’t fully emerge for several years.”

“We can expect to see big new leaps over last year’s surprising introductions, with not only ARKit but also applied advancements to health-related fitness tracking in Apple Watch. The applications of motion were important enough for Apple to make it a major focus of its annual presentation to shareholders this February, depicting a video of people whose lives who were changed or even saved by its wearable technology that serves as a fitness coach, bionic bodyguard and a mobile link to the outside world,” Dilger writes. “Apple is particularly well positioned in wearables, already offering a tactile, glanceable computer that looks like a fashion watch and an audio AR experience in the form of affordable earbuds. Rumored to be next are glasses presenting visual AR and Virtual Reality experiences, something Apple advanced last year in the form of new VR content development on Macs, tied to external GPU support.”

“Apple has been investing in making Siri’s voice more natural with human intonation. It has also replicated the ‘always listening’ features first introduced by Amazon and Google, allowing iOS, Apple Watch and now HomePod to listen for ‘Hey Siri,'” Dilger writes. “Another way Siri could get better is for more commands to work locally. Apple has already made some initial stabs in this direction, but expect to see more at this year’s WWDC.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We hope to hear a lot about privacy at this year’s WWDC.


    1. Apple.. I’d rather see Brains than hear a pretty voice.

      It’s amazing..
      I guess this the primary moto at Apple recently:
      ‘Beauty before Brains ! Or u are fired ‘

      Almost every product at apple now prioritizes beauty over function to trully inconvenient levels.

      The balance is off kilter in a Huge way…

      Apple, forget emojis .. You know AI, ergonomics, and coherent/ comprehensive implementation of all in ecosys is where shit is going to hit the fan for u If u continue following the dismal path u have been on in the past few years?!

      U dont even have ‘Search’ right, not even within your walled garden ( becoming more like a prison to me )
      Not even spell check , or contextual word recognition/understanding, personalization, speach recognition, contextual understanding , access to information through queries( even if they are addressing info within the walled garden)
      All a mess..
      I rather see those brought out of their dismal and jurassic state than see a new emoji or hear a pretty(but Dumb) voice or a mac mini( as popular as mini may be )

      Apple your AI is dumb… and its implementation in your ecosys dismal.

      So what do i want to see at WWDC?

      Apple proving that they have and can further address the above. Something that can challange the competition ..
      Something that can excite/inspire more than the competition!!!

  1. It’s getting hard to distinguish Apple today from Microsoft. Every year more kludged software is ignored while the asshats in Cupertino focus on emojis everywhere. The fragmented product lineup, most of which is stale beyond belief, is a mess of bad interfaces and inconsistencies. Apple wants to keep developers busy playing with new SDKs, APIs, and other unfinished empty promises with the only apparent goal being to replicate the iPhone onto your wrist, your car dashboard, and your television. Next your eyeglasses perhaps. With all the data stored under subscription on an Apple-rebranded Google server. Yay. Apple has chosen a horrible path toward intelligent home gadgets, features, and services. Apple is nowhere to be found in high-powered computing for business nor low powered computing for education. iOS may be delivering huge profits in the short term, but making Messages an emojifest is much less important to the long term than getting important software like Photos or Mail to work properly with improved efficiency and user control (you know, like Aperture used to offer!)

    Apple needs to stop putting all its effort into emulating social media distraction and fix its fundamental hardware and software. New Macs, MacOS XI, dramatically improved apps, and business friendly hardware and software is all badly overdue. The MacRumors buyers guide shows what a mess Apple is making with its lack of hardware updates across the board.

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