Here are the cars that currently support Apple CarPlay

“In the market for a new car — one with CarPlay?” Joseph Keller and Jared Dipane report for iMore. “Apple has posted a list of compatible vehicles on its site — and new ones are showing up every month.”

“With more than 100 models already supporting the hands-free feature — and others announcing support for future models — it can be confusing trying to figure out if your future vehicle has CarPlay enabled,” Keller and Dipane report. “Never fear: iMore is here. ”

“Here’s a current list of the cars that Apple says support CarPlay, and we’ll keep the list updated as more announcements are made,” Keller and Dipane report. “Keep in mind, CarPlay is often packaged as an option for these vehicles, so you may need to jump to a higher price point in order to take advantage of it.”

Read more, and see the full list, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, you want a vehicle that supports Apple’s industry-leading CarPlay!


  1. Toyota is sorely lacking. You have to imagine it’s hurting sales. I would have bought the Toyota CHR for sure if it had CarPlay. That alone was the deal breaker.

  2. When I bought my 2017 Camry, I told them the only way I would buy it is if they swapped the Toyota system for an Kenwood system that does use CarPlay….Works great! But now Toyota does understand it made a mistake and is now offering CarPlay in their newer cars.

    1. That must be new. I was shopping last year between an Odyssey, Sienna, VW Atlas, Pilot, 4Runner, CX9.

      Toyota vehicles were almost immediately ruled out as they weren’t future proof and had an antiquated system in-dash.

      Honda had it in the Pilot and were adding it in 2018 to the Odyssey.

      VW had it across the line on all trim levels.

      VW Atlas won.

  3. I don’t imagine lack of CarPlay is hurting Toyota’s sales much. They’re already up about 28,000 vehicles sold Jan-Apr of 2018 versus last year.
    While Car Play would be a nice feature to have, I can make and receive handsfree calls in my Toyota just fin=e without it. I can also choose playlists and such without having to handle the phone. So Car Play doesn’t really offer anything groundbreaking for me.
    Now what would be nice is if Siri would recognize a command to play a Favorites playlist. I have one named “Favorites”, but Siri refuses to find it.
    With an investment like a vehicle, safety rating, reliability, and similar items are *way* more important than the entertainment system to me.

    1. Strange, I wonder if you changed the name, perhaps it would work, because Siri recognizes my playlists. I’m just thinking that Favorites, being a commonly used system tag might be confusing it.

  4. The Audi list is incomplete so I’d make a guess that the other brands listed may not be accurate either. My 2018 A5 has CarPlay and I also rode in a 2018 A6 with CarPlay. I bought my A5 in July 2017 and the list hasn’t been revised in the last 10 months? So the question is who has the accurate list? I do enjoy CarPlay 👍🏻

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