Apple trademark filings show potential names for macOS 10.14: Mojave, Sequoia, Ventura, Sonoma

“A series of trademark applications Apple filed in Cambodia and the Philippines may point towards the name we can expect to see used for macOS 10.14, the next-generation version of macOS that Apple will unveil at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“In the two countries, using a presumed shell company, Apple has filed several new trademarks on a series of California landmark names that originally surfaced in 2014,” Clover reports. “In the Philippines, Apple has filed trademark applications for Mojave, Sequoia, Sonoma, and Ventura, while in Cambodia, Apple has filed a trademark for Mojave alone.”

“These new filings suggest one of these four names could be used for macOS 10.14,” Clover reports. “Given that Mojave is the name that was filed in both locations, it could be Apple’s frontrunner.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s macOS 10.14 Mojave runs best on the Mac Pro… because it’s been deserted!



  1. “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    by any other name would smell as sweet.”
    — William Shakespeare

    What Apple calls it is really minor. How it works is far more important …

  2. “And to all our Apple users, Mojave will not run on the Mac mini because the specs aren’t good enough…we are so sorry…” ~ Apple

  3. I’m still using El Capitan and it’s fine for what I use my iMac for. I looked at Sierra’s features and decided that none of them were worth upgrading. As for High Sierra it’s a problem not worth having.

    So now Apple’s giving us a peek at OS10.14. Given their track record I guess I’ll be sticking with the “El Cap” for a good while longer. However, each user can make up their own mind but IMHO don’t jump in until there’s a .3 at the end of the number because you’re just asking for trouble.

    1. I have El Cap running on three Macs and it’s still great. (Of course those 3 machines can’t run anything higher anyway but developers still include it as compatible with most modern software.)

  4. I don’t care what they name it, and I don’t care how many emojis they add. What I care about is fixing it: 1) If you rename a group of files in Finder, they should display their new names and arrange themselves in order, without the user needing to close and reopen the window. 2) iTunes and Calendar stop producing duplicates. 3) iTunes should have a “rebuild library” command. 4) iTunes should not limit the user to a library that fits on the internal disk. 5. Calendar should neither drop nor duplicate entries. 6. The OS should use icons instead of symbols and return to real-world colors and legible color contrasts. I could go on, but no one at Apple cares.

    1. You are completely right. Apple does not give a flying fsck about macOS or even Mac hardware. I am continaully unhappy with decisions that Tim Cook’s Apple has made with just about everything to do with the Mac. I remember when using a Mac made me awed with how elegant it was. Damn, but those days are loooong gone.

        1. No, Cook isn’t clueless, his hands are tied behind his back, at least on design and the GUI. Jony Ive is in charge of all design including the GUI, and Steve Jobs put him in an unassailable position. Now we see that even a genius (which he is) needs usability and user testing BEFORE release, as well as an approval process. Remember the iOS feature that Jony Ive demonstrated so proudly that made everyone dizzy and was quickly withdrawn? Obviously, Apple didn’t test that; we did. I remember when they wereshowing Yosemite at WWDC. The woman assisting with the presentation was clearly distressed about the changes.

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