1. Hey Prater, why you use your JAWS Tagline one day, then you don’t the other?

      You’re obviously not ashamed as there’s nothing to be ashamed of, yet this vasillation between a signature and none seems… weird

      Are there two Praters? One real, one fake?

  1. I cleaned up my mother‘s email account. Five years ago it was full of short and long personal emails. Nowadays it is all pokes from „friends“, cat videos, notifications from several „social“ sites … and ads.

    There is NOTHING less social than social sites.

    I hardly use my mobile (there is a limit to how reachable I want to be), I mostly stay away from social sites … but I still get and write long email letters.

    So if your inbox is no longer full of meaningful letters, then maybe the problem is you.

  2. Utter techno-ignorant garbage.

    AND, with all the hype about hacking into encrypted eMail, entirely preventable by one little click in your eMail client, now a lot more people KNOW that this is techno-ignorant garbage. Encrypted eMail is for real. ANYONE can use it FOR FREE. The only proviso is that both correspondents must be using the SAME eMail encryption system.

      1. Are we witnessing the ramifications of a meth addiction? I haven’t seen a dumbass troll, such as yourself, around here in years. You’re going to have a bad time. But typically, that’s what your sort is looking for. We laugh in response. You hate that. Round and round we go. Predictable and boring.

  3. It’s gobsmacking for this guy, but strangely, peoople that work use email. It’s very interesting to see how people were mad and worried with Facebook a few days ago. After dust cleans this stupid Haselton article appears. Impressive! Stick with Facebook. Meanwhile I’ll use my encrypted email with the same email address that I’ve been using for 25 years and never failed.

    1. “people that work use email” It tells a lot about the author of the article the he doesnt know that. Amazingly, there are things that have to be communicated that can’t be done by Twitter, text messages, stupid emojis, etc.

      But I have noticed that since the advent of iOS, there are huge numbers of people who are totally unaware of the real world in so many ways.

      Yes I use iOS, it’s just a small part of my life, not my entire connection with the world.

  4. As annoying as email has become, I do appreciate its relative neutrality compared to the vertically integrated platforms of the times. Anyone can host an email server with full and total control.

    Mind you, a good client and an hour identifying and unsubscribing from junk helps. I’ve been using Spark, which uses the “snooze” approach to messages.

    When I was getting lots of junk, turns out I subscribed to nearly all of it. I spent some time compiling and unsubscribing from nearly all the messages. Once I did that, I now get nearly nothing in my inbox and the promotions I get I read.

    Don’t feel guilty unsubscribing from a list you think you’ll one day use. If you want to come back to it, you’ll know how to get there.

  5. “Personal email is dead” It’s amazing how ignorant morons assume everybody sees the world as they do and if you don’t they say you are the ignorant one.

    1. Ditto, then again the write up included this beauty: ““…to discuss the purchase with several parties, including a lawyer, mortgage broker, and real estate agent. ” common man, right there.

  6. If you think email is dead, you definitely live inside a bubble inside a bubble in the Valley. Believe it or not, there is a whole world outside with people that are different from you.

  7. I think it all depends on how you use email. I use personal email for tracking other forums, Amazon/eBay/Craigslist and blogs such as MDN/9to5Mac. But regularly email family, parents, never friends. Some email for personal business.

    Work email is for work related communications.

    Most communication is via iMessage to close family and friends. Some facebook/messenger for international friends.

    email is not dead, by a long shot.

  8. Email exist since before internet exist. Email is prehistoric. Every email application is a “Flintstone” application. Only Hopflow succeeded to dig email from dinosaurs times with Hop Fast email, the most efficient and powerful application concatenating email and instant messenger in a modern and contemporary app.
    It is available for desktop and Android; and here for iOS : Hop – Fast & Powerful Email de « Hopflow » https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/hop-fast-powerful-email/id707452888?l=fr&mt=8

  9. I dont understand this article. Everytime I order online, I get an email, to my personal account because I dont it to go to my work account. I happen to have an Mac.com email that I got when iTools was around about a zillion years ago. I get emails from doctors and the like reminding me of apps.

    I use it everyday.

  10. Email is only dead to you if you’ve signed up for a load of crap that is deluging your account and you’ve not managed it properly. I don’t use it a lot, but when I do use it I find it incredibly useful.

  11. My personal email account gets about a dozen items each day. Perhaps 1 in 20 is junk, which I quickly dispose of.

    No way on Earth would I get rid of my personal email account.

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