Apple sued by claimants alleging iPhone or iPad mini took down EgyptAir flight 804, killing 66

“The crash of EgyptAir flight 804 into the Mediterranean Sea that killed 66 people was caused by a hot Apple product … according to a new suit,” TMZ reports.

“The families of several of the victims of the May 19, 2016 crash claim the tragedy was due to the co-pilot’s iPhone 6S or iPad mini overheating in the cockpit and catching fire,” TMZ reports. “According to the docs … an investigation revealed the device ignited and led to a bigger fire in the cockpit, which ultimately took the plane down.”

TMZ reports, “It should be noted, however — some industry experts have questioned this phone theory … and believe the fire on the plane started beneath the cockpit in the avionics bay due to a short circuit or some kind of explosion.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Prove it.


  1. 3rd rate EgyptAir went down because of bad maintenance of the poor place that was hammered by the cheap Egyptian owner. Blaming Apple for the crash is a regular low, i say Apple dont pay a penny

  2. … the materials used in the cockpit are so flammable they can easily explode into fire? Would that not implicate the builder? Or the company that re-decorated the cabin, if that had been done? Or the airline that decided to allow the use of the materials?
    Yes, ‘overheated’ electronics can release enough heat to burn any nearby fabric, but that fabric ought not continue to burn once the heat source is removed/become distant.

  3. Too bad the shrub and Colin Powell are retired, all they would need to do is go to the UN show some blurry photos and that would be all the proof needed.

    1. *snark*snark*

      Some day that entire fiasco will be laid out in public for naked display. Shameful Neo-Cons and their deadly tricks upon American citizens. They’re probably having a week of partying now that The Trump has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. I can hear this smooching and slobbering…

      1. Oh I think that the entire fiasco has already been laid out for naked display, not that it had made a difference in recent history but I’m sure that future historians will look back and shake their heads at it. Fingers crossed of course.

        1. My current response is my usual optimist cynicism. But lately I’ve been having human herding behavior shoved into my experience. If one’s born or chosen ‘tribe’ (to use a current meme) doesn’t scrutinize the verbiage laid upon it, then the default is to believe what one sees and hears from the ‘tribe’s’ approved sages. If those sages are either oblivious (#1 on my big-words list this month) or deceitful, the ‘tribe’ is manipulated with misdirection. The fact that John Bolton is back in the US Executive Branch bodes poorly for verifiable facts and sanity to run #MyStupidGovernment (#1 on my personal memes list of a decade). Bolton is a stoic neo-con-job, the people who enabled 9-11 and all the deadly trickery thereafter. Israel sends her luv. 💋

          As for historians, I’m not looking forward to the anger and hatred from the future directed at our present, their past. We call ourselves ‘sapiens sapiens’ but that’s only relative to our ancestors. We have a long way to go to become ‘wise wise’ about our behavior regarding survival and miracle planet Earth, our only home. (#1 on my self-quotes list for the past two years running).

          Now back to IRL, shower, out to a board meeting, writing up a new Mac-Security article and further bashing at my Rise of the Robots presentation for next month. That’s what I call fun. 😀 Thank you as ever for your brain!

          1. Ah some wonderful terms there Derek, I like explaining the obvious to the oblivious, something important with herds/individuals.

            Another herd comment I enjoy is “people don’t think they just eat what you feed them.”

            Here’s one that has given me pause for reflection and construction. Do you remember that post about the Parkland massacre? (put Parkland in the search box and you’ll find it). Now when people die, my tendency is to like pay your respects. In that particular case, MDN paid their respects, and pointed out that the president, his wife and Tim Cook offered their respects to the families of the deceased.

            There is well over 150 posts there and my post sure sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest herd. That has really got me reflecting, I mean basically no one else paid their respects, rather it was an insult festival. Obviously I’ve generated some possibilities as why this would happen especially since death is such a pretty permanent condition. My favorite so far is that under threat or stress a herd will cling or go to what they love the most. Most herd members would cling to their families, their friends, their loved ones during such a time because that is what they love most. The Parkland incident shows that this in this case the herd clung to their, guns, gun arguments, their constitutional right. I think it just shows what this particular herd loves the most, and it isn’t people, it isn’t humanity, it’s war, conflict and guns.

            Something to think about.
            Bonus pop quizz, name the first year Apple’s home nation was not at war.

            Hope your endeavors go well.

            1. Quizzz: Hmm. You’d have to define the time period. If you mean since the Declaration of Independence, 1796. In recent times, going backwards chronically, it was 2000. That was certainly a factor in fake forcing the war in Afghanistan, which was an off-target war seeing as the Neo-Cons wanted a war in Iraq instead. Oops. A two for one deal.

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