Apple sells an iPhone X every three seconds in Europe

“Apple sells an iPhone X every three seconds in Europe, the latest Canalys data suggests,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “The data claims that smartphone sales in the region hit 46 million in the last three months, with iPhone X accounting for around 2.5 million of these, making it the biggest-selling smartphone model in the region — hotly pursued by other Apple handsets.”

“The new data shows that it sold at least one iPhone 6-type phone for every iPhone X, though reveals no information as to iPhone 8 sales (which is an omission),” Evans writes. “Unpacking that data tells us Apple sold around 2.5 million iPhone X models in the region. The same analysts earlier this year pegged iPhone X sales at around 29 million in Q4 2017.”

“Smartphone sales in Europe are now a three-horse race, with Samsung [33.1% unit share], Apple [22.2% unit share], and Huawei [16.1% unit share] grabbing 71.4 percent of the market in the quarter,” Evans writes. “With a few exceptions, smaller brands are toast and the gap between Samsung and Apple is declining.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, as the home button goes the way of the dodo across the next-gen range, Apple’s iPhone will return to growth in Europe.

Canalys: Apple’s iPhone X was Europe’s No.1 smartphone in Q1 – May 9, 2018


  1. Great Apple iPhone news from Europe. Apple please dont get greedy and chase bottom feeders where ever they might be. Also please polish the hard ware (mac mini & Pro) and software bugs

    1. Actually, if you also include iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sales, and factor in all the other SKUs it still provides, Apple is selling even more than that — more like an iPhone each and every second.

  2. That’s clearly not enough IPhone X units for Wall Street to ease up on worry about declining iPhone sales. I think Apple will have to kick that number up, at least, to one every 2 seconds. Since the iPhone X has already been declared a flop, maybe it doesn’t even matter how many of them Apple is selling.


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