Apple updates repair policy for iPhone X Units with Face ID issues

“Apple has updated its service policy for a limited number of iPhone X units that may be experiencing issues with Face ID,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers are now authorized to perform a whole unit replacement for iPhone X units with Face ID issues, instead of a display repair, according to an internal document obtained by MacRumors,” Rossignol reports. “There appears to be some kind of link between failure of the iPhone X’s rear camera and front TrueDepth system, although it’s not entirely clear. ”

“Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers have been advised to first run diagnostics on the iPhone X’s rear camera and potentially repair that system if necessary to see if that resolves the problem,” Rossignol reports. “If the issues persist, then a whole unit replacement is now permitted, the document states.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good to know, but the only issue we’ve had with Face ID is marveling at how well it works in so many different situations, lighting, and hats, sunglasses, etc.


  1. iPhone X user since January. it has NEVER failed for me. Not one time. I always struggled with my 6S plus and 7 plus with dirty fingers, wet fingers, etc. so this is a welcome change.

  2. It fails 90% of the time outside for me. Works almost all the time inside. But I’d rather have touchID so I can just touch the phone without having to pick it up.

    1. If FaceID is failed when outside I would recommend resetting the ID and trying again. If you are still having issues then contact Apple support right away. If it is a hardware issue you will need a repair or new phone.

  3. Speaking of repairing iPhones, here’s a big OOPS from May 4th. I don’t know how MDN missed it:

    Apple Acknowledges Microphone Issue With Some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Models on iOS 11.3 and Later

    In an internal document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers this week, obtained by MacRumors, Apple said affected customers may experience a grayed-out speaker button during phone calls. The issue may also prevent affected customers from being heard during phone calls or FaceTime video chats. . . .

    Apple has not confirmed this issue publicly, but MacRumors has verified the document’s authenticity with a reliable source. However, outside of our control, some Apple employees may be unaware of or deny the information. In that event, we recommend escalating your case to a senior AppleCare advisor if possible.

    There is some confusion out in the field as to when the microphone problem started, iOS 11.3 or 11.3.1. I’d have to guess both. My iPhone 7 is thankfully happy with both updates.

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