How to speed up a slower, older iPad

“There’s life in older iPads yet,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “If you follow these simple tips you should get better performance from the iPad you’ve got.”

“Of course, these tips aren’t going to take your old iPad Air and make it the equivalent of an iPad Pro, but your Apple tablet will feel a lot more responsive once you’ve gone through these tips – just don’t expect too much,” Evans writes. “How much space do you have available on your iPad? To find out, tap Settings>General>iPad Storage. If you’re down on space, you should delete some apps – the iPad Storage page helpfully supplies you with a few hints to help you rescue more space. It’s also good practice to go through your installed apps regularly to get rid of the ones you don’t actually use.”

“Saving space helps, but turning your iPad into a lean memory-consuming machine is going to make the biggest difference to your device performance,” Evans writes. “Here are a few settings that lighten your iPad’s load.”

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