T-Mobile upgrades LTE coverage in hundreds of new sites

“T-Mobile has rolled out improved LTE coverage to hundreds of locations across the US over the past two weeks, the company’s chief technology officer Neville Ray tweeted,” Thuy Ong reports for The Verge. “The new low-band and mid-band sites include high-traffic cities like Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, and Washington, DC.”

“As noted by TmoNews and Android Police, the rollout includes low-band 600MHz and 700MHz and mid-band PCS and AWS coverage. Ray also said that more work on 600MHz coverage for spotty areas would be ‘coming,'” Ong reports. “This rollout essentially means T-Mobile is shoring up its low-to-middle band areas to get better overall signals in those places, with the focus on getting existing speeds to be more reliable.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good news for T-Mobile users!


  1. The best thing about T-Mobile…price, especially for family plans. When you have four kids, price is very important.

    The worst thing about T-Mobile…coverage. Running into a one-bar or “no service” situation is not uncommon. As my kids move away, I intend to switch to a different provider unless T-Mobile improves its coverage.

    1. It’s a dynamic situation.

      T-Mobile has all the population areas very well covered in my experience, thanks to a lot of expansion these last few years.

      Certainly as a smaller carrier there are some places that T-Mobile doesn’t reach yet. I am probably in the minority, but I don’t actually want the entire earth covered with mobile phone towers. Rather than covering every meter of forests and seas, I would rather see mobile carriers merge networks internationally. “Roaming” is so passe’.

  2. T-Mobile continues to get better because they have to, after the Feds blocked AT&T swallowing them whole. That was an example of the positive impact of government regulation, the ruling was based upon reduced competitiveness between carriers and a concern that the result would be higher prices and poorer service were the merger to be allowed.
    Note that the current regime in D.C. would have approved the deal.

  3. So Obama’s layers upon layers of regulations mandate a lot of wasteful, expensive duplication of coverage. All the new LTE that is being installed is unavailable to ATT customers. And all of ATT’s coverage is unavailable to T-moble customers.

    No wonder so many people voted for change. PS I don’t like Trump. But Obama really sucked. Lots of jobs available now. Just did not happen under Obama’s oppressive regime.

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