Amazon and Netflix join Hollywood to sue ‘Kodi’ service SetTV for copyright infringement

“Silicon Valley has historically been at war with Hollywood, so Amazon and Netflix’s membership of a studio-dominated anti-piracy alliance may raise eyebrows,” Andrew Orlowski reports for The Register. “But it shouldn’t: Amazon and Netflix are big studios now in their own right, and Apple is expected to join them.”

“Last week the recently formed Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), of which Amazon and Netflix are members, filed a suit against Kodi service SetTV,” Orlowski reports. “SetTV bills itself as a cable replacement and puts a slick front end on unlicensed TV and movie streaming services, charging $20 a month. It also sells a preloaded set-top box for $89.”

“According to the complaint, the services ‘knowingly and intentionally [induce] the infringement of plaintiffs’ copyrighted work by “actively inducing, encouraging and promoting the use of their software application for blatant copyright infringement,'” Orlowski reports. “Amazon movies including The Only Living Boy In New York and Netflix’s Stranger Things are among the original content cited in the complaint.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Blatant” is an understatement.

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