Apple Park: A very private corporate campus

YouTuber Duncan Sinfield shares his latest drone video from Apple Park.

This is an extended length video, it’s only a matter of time until the campus becomes shut-off to drones completely… with a geo-fence, or something similar. Security at Apple Park generally responds in two white Prius’s to my precise take-off locations in 10 minutes or less. While this is speculation, my instincts tell me that Apple is tracking all drones in the vicinity of the campus with sophisticated radio frequency technology from companies such as DeDrone (a San Francisco-based aerospace security company). As always, I respect all requests by Apple Security to land my drone and leave the area when asked to do so. They are always asking if I’m an Apple employee too. So to all of the Apple Employees watching (and reading), don’t fly your drones over The Park, it’s frowned upon! — Duncan Sinfield, April 16, 2018

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs Theater at 0:29: That roof! (Looks like it’s floating.)


  1. Those security people should challenge Eddy Cue about his whereabouts in the Apple Campus ( he can be found in the cafe regularly) and ask him how much contribution / days work he made to Apple

  2. Nothing wrong with the Toyota Prius that are used by Apple security, however why not use American made Tesla as security cruiser? Also the Prius uses gasoline so its not 100% carbon neutral as Apple like to boast its stores and campuses are. Those solar panels on the roof of the Apple campus can effortlessly charge a group of Tesla’s

  3. Looks like the employees are going to get a LOT of exercise walking from the parking structure to the Spaceship unless Apple has “People Movers.”

    Something tells me the executives have much closer executive parking under the Spaceship. (Eddie Cue will then have a shorter distance to stumble in his inebriated stupor to and from work.)

  4. You’d think that Apple would welcome the free publicity they get from these videos. Not once have I seen a drone flown in an irresponsible manner when covering Apple Park.

    Here’s an idea: pay and/or hire these guys for their efforts in promoting your campus.


    1. They would look pretty stupid if they ignored the possibility that one of the drones just might have hostile intent after all their employees are being shot at on their way to work so hardly out of the realms of possibility, especially as it’s an extremely high profile building and company.

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