Apple debuts four new iPhone X Apple Pay ads

Apple has debuted four new 15-second iPhone X Apple Pay ads on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

Kicks: With iPhone X you can pay for new kicks with a glance. Apple Pay and done.
Coffee: With iPhone X you can pay for a morning coffee with a glance. Apple Pay and done.
• Groceries: With iPhone X you can pay for groceries with a glance. Apple Pay and done.
• Grooming: With iPhone X you can pay in apps with a glance. Apple Pay and done.

MacDailyNews Take: These are so fast and shot/edited in such a way that we doubt the average non-iPhone X user understands the Face ID component (i.e. you just look at the iPhone to identify yourself in order to pay).


  1. Slick. Now…how about targeting retailers? There are so few of them that offer Apple Pay. No fees for a month? Half the fees for the next 3 months? 20’% of the fees for the year? Anything?

    1. You really need to ask why this is a uniquely American problem? In the rest of the world where contactless cards are available, Apple Pay is accepted wherever the terminal supports contactless payments and retail establishments without contactless facilities are getting them installed as a matter of urgency because their customers expected it.

      Retailers shouldn’t need financial incentives to adopt a proven, quick and secure method of payment. They should be adopting it as a favour to themselves and their customers. Can somebody explain the resistance to it by American retailers? The rest of the world saw the benefits and adopted it some time ago.

      My guess is that the resistance must come from American banks because neither the retailer nor the customer pays anything to Apple. Apple’s fee comes from the banks and the banks don’t seem to like that, even though Apple’s fee costs less than it would cost the bank to handle that transaction and Apple also accepts liability for fraudulent use, which additionally saves the banks money.

  2. Actually, retailers don’t have to be “on board” with Apple Pay. I was in a well known national restaurant chain this morning. When I got up to pay, I noticed the NFC reader was separate from the computer screen she rang me up on. I said that I wanted to use my phone to pay. She then emphatically said “We don’t do that”. I asked if I could try. I gently informed her that It was a card payment. She touched the right button and my phone payment went through. I said “That was Apple Pay”. I’ve found that it works at most places I go. You just have to recognize when the store has the proper reading terminal.

    1. I’ve done that many times too. In the UK we have a £30 limit on contactless payments but the Apple Pay limit has been raised but a lot of retailers are unaware of it. Many times I’ve gone to use Apple Pay for something over £30 and the person at the till is surprised it went through. I think the largest payment so far was £160.

    2. In the UK, terminals which accept contactless pay have a logo consisting of four concentric arcs, looking a bit like Apple’s WiFi icon turned on it’s side. Wherever I see that logo, I know I can use Apple Pay.

      My wife was in a shop where the customer before her was told that Apple Pay wasn’t accepted and that person paid by card instead. When my wife’s turn came, she held up a contactless card while the payment was set up, but then swiftly used her other hand to place her iPhone over the terminal and of course the payment was instantly verified. My wife pointed out to the cashier that Apple Pay most definitely works as she had just demonstrated.

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