Apple’s iPhone X and 8 Plus offer superior battery life vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S9

“While the iPhone X gets all of the attention in the press, the iPhone 8 Plus has a nice little advantage: It provides longer battery life,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “In fact it crushes Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 as noted [by] UK’s phoneArena.”

iPhone X beats the Galaxy S9 by well over an hour, too.

“The same test over at Anandtech gave the iPhone 8 Plus an even better result at 11 hours and 83 minutes,” Purcher reports. “Both phoneArena and Anandtech seem to be pointing to Samsung’s S9 Exynos processor for the declline in battery life that Android fans are not happy about.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Guess that makes those who settle for Samsung iPhone knockoffs the true wall-huggers, after all.

Samsung mocks iPhone users at airport power outlets – August 14, 2014


  1. Meanwhile, This Week’s Android Malware Attack:

    New Android Malware Secretly Records Phone Calls and Steals Private Data

    Security researchers at Cisco Talos have uncovered variants of a new Android Trojan that are being distributed in the wild disguising as a fake anti-virus application, dubbed “Naver Defender.”

    Dubbed KevDroid, the malware is a remote administration tool (RAT) designed to steal sensitive information from compromised Android devices, as well as capable of recording phone calls….

    Although both malware samples have the same capabilities of stealing information on the compromised device and recording the victim’s phone calls, one of the variants even exploits a known Android flaw (CVE-2015-3636) to get root access on the compromised device.


    1. And a Bonus Android Malware Attack!

      A Trojan with Hidden Malicious Code Steals User’s Messenger App Information

      Trustlook Labs has discovered a Trojan which obfuscates its configuration file and part of its modules. The purpose of the content/file obfuscation is to avoid detection….

      It also has functions to steal the user’s messenger app information. The malware collects information from the following apps:

      Tencent WeChat
      Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger
      Telegram Messenger
      Gruveo Magic Call
      TalkBox Voice Messenger
      Facebook Messenger

      This one’s apparently another China-only special. 😛 🇨🇳

      1. “The same test over at Anandtech gave the iPhone 8 Plus an even better result at 11 hours and 83 minutes,” Purcher reports.

        That’s decidedly odd. Why not 12 hours and 23 minutes?

        Or is Anandtech testing on a planet with 90 minute hours?

  2. It every battery test I have seen both the X and iphone are soundly beaten by the S9 and most other Android flagships and a good few mid rangers too. Phone Arenas test always have been out of touch with reality. I get over 25% more life from my 9+ than an X. Which is more or less the same difference others are getting.

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