Intel shares tank as Apple reportedly will move to use its own chips in Macs

“Intel shares tanked almost 9% on Monday after a report was published that Apple would be abandoning Intel chips for its own in its Macintosh computers,” Nelson Wang reports for TheStreet.

“According to a Bloomberg report, Apple would begin the switch as soon as 2020 and make the transition in phases,” Wang reports. “Apple has increasingly been relying on its own chips as it seeks to optimize the performance of its own devices and reduce costs.”

Wang reports, “Overall, Apple contributes about 5% of Intel’s annual revenue, according to Bloomberg.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s the sort of natural revolution that we expect of Apple.


  1. Obviously, no details…

    But, if Apple is going to do it, there had better be easy app upgrades or some developers might not stick around.

    Virtualization and Boot Camp had better work or I’ll vote with my feet and get a Boxx laptop & be back on Windows.

    It is way too soon to know, but I am sure Apple’s tech guys feel the same way. With Apple’s installed base in tech users, I suspect there had better be primarily chip changes and not some VP coming in and deciding we need an overhaul of the UI, too.

    1. The A-Series chips would have to get a lot faster to support virtualization of Intel code (Windows plus Mac apps that haven’t been recompiled) without a huge performance hit. Given the size of many modern apps, “fat binaries” containing both Intel and A-Series executables might truly be obese, reflected in storage requirements and load times. The transition would not be a trivial exercise.

    2. I’d guess that you’ll be getting a Boxx laptop and will be happily running Windows by that time. I’d actually say start now so that when the time comes, all you have to do is just stop using the Mac, everything will already be up and running on your new platform.

      Virtualization is just not a priority to Apple anymore. Just go to Apple’s product website for the MOST EXPENSIVE Mac you can buy right now (iMac Pro), the one that would be poised to do some serious Virtualization or Boot Camping and you won’t find either word listed. Even if you go to the High Sierra page, there’s no mention of Boot Camp as I’d guess they don’t want new users even THINKING that it’s an option.

  2. So it well in proportion to market share…
    That’s what happens when you become a commodity I guess.

    We’ve reached fast enough for most people, but never fast enough for the rest. Intel, get with it.

  3. The (highly difficult) prospect of Apple dumping Intel did NOT induce the tech sector cattle stampede down a cliff side. The Trump and his incoherent bumbling is causing the bear market all on its own. But propagandize to the contrary by all means. Hypocrisy is what you do.

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