Does Apple have a Final Cut Pro surprise in store for NAB 2018?

“FCPX 10.4 was released in December 2017 about 100 days ago. Since then, there have been zero updates or bug fixes. There have been bugs reported so a bug fix is due. The question is, where is it?” Richard Taylor writes for FCPX.TV. “For both FCPX 10.2 and 10.3, there were bug fix updates within 30 days of release. Not so for FCP 10.4 at 100 days and counting with no update.”

“I think that the FCPX team could have a surprise or two for FCPX editors at or around NAB 2018. Whatever they might have up their sleeves like an updated number of FCPX seats, I’m thinking a bug fix update with some new features might be among them,” Taylor writes. “After all, the Apple Product Marketing team is presenting at FCPEXChange on Monday night and they like to surprise us. Like they did with the announcement of FCPX 10.4 at last year’s FCPX Creative Summit (an event for FCPX creatives) and the 2 Million+ FCPX seat announcement at last year’s FCPEXChange at NAB 2017.”

“So another FCPX surprise at NAB 2018 is entirely possible,” Taylor writes. “As we know, Apple executes its own agenda on its own magnetic timeline. But that train could be making a stop at NAB 2018.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully!

This year’s NAB Show takes place April 7 – 12, 2018 (exhibits April 9 – 12) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


  1. Final Cut Pro X has been in existence for about six years now. I bought it not long after it came out. I paid $300 for it at the time. That was a one-time payment. Since then, it has been updated numerous times, and the feature set is quite likely more than twice as long as it was when first launched. And every single update was free for all of us who paid for it.

    Not to mention the ability to easily install it on as many Macs as I have, without jumping through license activation hoops. Just open App Store, log in and download.

    FCP X was by far the best deal for such a piece of software. Premiere Pro doesn’t even come close. Had I subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud for Premiere Pro (just that one, and no other software), I would have exceeded what I had paid for FCP X within 18 months. Over the years of using FCP X, I would have paid over four times as much for PP.

  2. its not about software Apple, its about HARDWARE. No doubt your new iMacPro is more than up to the task, but no one wants to attache all the drives needed to edit a show…

  3. No one wants to attach the drives? Are you a professional? Have you ever worked on professional projects? Unless you have a server system installed, everybody is attaching drives on every computer, tower or not.

  4. I switched (hence the name) from PC to Mac 15 years ago. I am now switching back not because of FCPX but because Apple’s computers are overpriced gash. FCPX is awesome and I miss it but we’ve transitioned to Resolve Studio and enjoying it on our new workstation PCs.

    Threadripper 1950s and dual 1080TIs workstations for a fraction of the cost of an iMac Pro and significantly more powerful.

    When Apple builds computers that fit my needs I’ll be back but I’m not holding my breath, Timmy is shitting on Job’s legacy.

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