Apple’s new iPad ad makes ‘Homework’ fun

Apple has debuted a new TV d for the company’s newest addition to the iPad family, the all new 9.7-inch iPad which starts at just $329, or $299 for students and teachers.

The ad stars Bob Clendenin as the teacher.

Apple’s blurb via YouTube states, “Introducing the new iPad, now with support for Apple Pencil. The perfect computer for learning looks nothing like a computer.”

The ad features “Homework! Oh, Homework!” a poem by Jack Prelutsky.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Disclaimer: Do not lick your new iPad. (Yuck!)


  1. There’s not enough leftist-imposed “inclusion” and “diversity” in that ad! You know, like NBC’s “The More You Know” brainwashing.

    Where is the wheelchair-bound transgender indian representation, you deluded Kalifornia SJWs?!

    1. Can’t we just enjoy a fun little movie? Don’t start acting like the SJWs (Social Justice Warrior (aka crazy libs)) whining about every little thing. Let them be screaming nut jobs and lets just enjoy life. It good to see ads that have boys and girls of different races. I’m Cherokee (Native American) but didn’t feel excluded in the least bit just nice everyone wasn’t a white male.

  2. Now that is an excellent commercial. Next homework assignment for these kids – do a proper Apple Pay commercial that explains why it’s good. No my re than 60 seconds. Fun and educational content. Make it better than Apple’s lame ad agency spot with the dancing pimp.

  3. I hope Apple actually talked to some teachers who work in real classrooms before they came up with their new stuff. This commercial indicates that they don’t know much about school, young students and homework. It’s pathetic.

    Spend less time on figuring out how to brag about the new HQ building and more time with real people – not ‘stars’ and entertainment types, real people. It might help.

  4. Fun commercial. Amazed at how much time those students can spend on a single class assignment. Hope they got the homework done for their other classes.

  5. Ads always try to make ‘things’ look, fun, quick & intuitive.

    No one does ads about a student or product inventor that spends a year straight doing research, testing and development with 100s to 1000s of hours of reading of tech. articles and then using the newer tools of the trade to try out his/her new ideas.

    Learning anything worthwhile in any amount of depth while practicing some of the techniques is ALWAYS laborious. Otherwise it wouldn’t take 8-10 years to get through senior high and college.

  6. The full version of “Homerwork” is fantastic. The voide over – I can’t place, great voice, great read. The kids are really great. I think this is one of Apple’s best videos in years. Frankie’s Christmas was another good one. In a day when we lose count of how many cabinet members get kicked out of the White House, this piece is fun, inspired and makes one think of how different people can come together and make Amreica Great again – withouth the help of the White House!

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